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Letters, Sept. 9

Here’s my input

I’m amazed that your above-the-fold article on the Aug. 31 business page was from the LA Times calling for a boycott of the In-N-Out hamburger chain because they donated a whopping $25,000 to the California state Republican Party.

No mention that Amazon is just 2 percent away from becoming the second trillion-dollar company or that Canada and the USA are negotiating a trade agreement that might level the playing field and improve the lot of those who work in an export industry.

Jon Dunn

Eagle Point

Editor, heal thyself

A Tribune editorial referenced the paranoia of the president and his supporters. Really?

Is it paranoia that the proper adversarial relationship between a free press and President Trump has instead reportedly become 90 percent negative coverage of him? On its face, 90 percent negative coverage is fake news, not supporter’s paranoia. Fake news hides behind First Amendment protection while actually undermining its very essence.

First Amendment guarantees are freedom’s cornerstone. Establishment willingness to abuse those guarantees in order to wage partisan warfare against half of the population would be a danger to all of us.

An objective free press is a protector of the people. Fake news is an enemy of the people, and it isn’t paranoia to understand the difference. The goal of fake news is voter suppression.

The real problem is establishment paranoia of President Trump. If the media spent less time looking down their nose at him, and spent time looking in the mirror, they might discover how to crawl out of the hole they have dug for themselves.

They are losing their credibility. They are losing our trust. That is a direct threat to First Amendment guarantees. Editor, heal thyself.

Doug Dusenberry

Gold Hill

We can do better

As a lifelong resident and outdoorsman making his living in the outdoor recreation Industry, I’m frustrated by another smoke-filled summer.

I’m also frustrated to hear on talk radio, and read in social media and local newspapers, a mountain of falsehoods concerning our forests and fire. It’s time to recognize there is more than the lack of yesteryear’s logging at play. We know now that clearcut logging on millions of acres of public and industry land has partly put us in this pickle. Look at Canada right now. It’s on fire and they are clearcutting extensively.

We can do better. Thinning forests near homes and communities can produce commercial logs and safeguard our homes. These logs can be used by mills and create jobs. Instead of going back to cutting our mighty, old forests, why don’t we invest in thinning small trees and restoring forests?

And why don’t we do more controlled fires in the damp times of the year? This could reduce wildfires in summer and produce much less smoke than during the height of our tourist season.

We need to come together and urge our elected officials to provide funding necessary to carry out responsible, proactive forest management.

Dave Strahan

Grants Pass

Too bad

It is too bad Trump’s military parade has been put off. It would have been so much fun to see “Dear Leader” up on the reviewing stand dressed in a general’s uniform!

David J. Ropel

Central Point

Debate challenge

I attended the Debate Challenge. There should have been an empty chair in Walden’s place. His record does not speak for itself.

Jamie has the best interests of District 2 in her mind. She has great experience to draw on, a good ethical stand, and is in tune with what we need.

Walden loves his district so much that he couldn’t be bothered with us that day.

McLeod-Skinner for District 2 in November.

Wil Scarrow

Gold Hill

Voting for Kochlacs

I have lived in the Rogue Valley area for over 25 years. I am a retired landscaper and currently a LMT-sports rehab therapist.

I met Charles Kochlacs, attorney at law, over a decade ago performing landscape maintenance at his office and home as well as requiring his services.

Over this time in all my encounters and communications, I have found him to be professional, consistent and fair. His words have been clear and his demeanor very patient and comforting.

When providing services in my behalf, he has displayed compassion and went out of his way to accommodate me in my situation without charging me extra over and above the agreed fee.

In conclusion, Charles Kochlacs, attorney at law, has presented himself by being honorable and respectful and will have my vote for Jackson County Circuit judge.

Joseph Budziszewski


Time for a change

As a life-long Republican, I feel that it is time for a change in Congress!

The person that we have in there now is a waste of everybody’s time and refuses to assist his constituents. That is why my wife and I have decided it is time for a change and we’re voting for Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Oregon 2nd District representative. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting and speaking with Jamie. She is an outstanding person and will get our vote. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

Gary Garvin, retired on 100 percent disability from the U.S. Air Force, and Noy Garvin


Pacific Power ripoff

Why does Pacific Power want to exploit the senior citizens and the disabled with the new smart meter? I just got my bill for the month for $625.26!

Had my smart meter installed and didn’t figure I would have a $221.96 delivery charge or a block 2 supply energy charge for $302.60 and block 1 charge of $59.06 not to mention a public purpose charge of $17.79, whatever that is. A conservation charge of $17.32 and various dam removal charges. What is going on? My 1,100-square-foot, two-bedroom, one-bath house is averaging $267 per month already! When is enough enough and the elderly, single parents with children and those of us on a fixed income going to stop getting ripped off?

Sally Szpak


Walden reneged

On April 14, 2017, at Congressman Walden’s last town hall here, I heard him promise that he would never take away Obamacare’s protections on pre-existing conditions affecting 20 percent to 50 percent of non-elderly Americans.

As a party leader, Walden could have made a difference. But he flatly reneged on his promise, voted for Trumpcare that would let insurers charge whatever they wanted to PEC patients and toss 400,000 of Walden’s constituents off affordable health insurance.

Then he celebrated his “victory” at a beer party!

Now the Republicans plan to end PEC protections by a lawsuit — then “fix” it by letting insurers deny PEC coverage or charge huge premiums. Great fix.

As Congress’s top recipient of pharma/health care products donations — they’ve given him over $500,000 this cycle alone — where will Walden stand?

He’s not doing this for us. It’s time for change.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner will work for us. Please vote!

Bob Kuenzel


Devices are risky

I was appalled at the report on page A2 of the Sunday, Sept. 2 MT relating how California passed a bill curtailing the testing of cosmetics on animals. What I found disturbing is that while California is looking out for the well-being of animals, a good thing indeed, humans are every single day being used as guinea pigs for the sake of huge profits on the part of implanted medical device manufacturers such as Bayer, Johnson & Johnson and Stryker Corporation, to name a few.

Millions (the numbers are beyond counting) are being implanted with devices that went through no human trials or testing of any kind — all with FDA approval — the result of intense lobbying by wealthy, and thus powerful, device manufacturers. While millions of people have benefited, thousands upon thousands have been injured, many permanently, because of the FDA’s lax approval processes for such devices.

At some point, you, or someone you know and love, will be adversely affected by one of these devices. I beg everyone concerned about this issue to watch Netflix’s excellent and extremely powerful documentary “The Bleeding Edge” and then please, join the crusade for safer medical devices.

Donald Morneau


Thanks for caring

On Aug. 27 at 10 p.m., I took a fall in the parking lot in Ashland. I hit my head on the concrete; I wasn’t knocked out.

Immediately about six people came running over. Another gentleman assisted my husband in getting me off the cement. I said I was fine, and would just go home and use ice. The man looked so upset, and said I had to get checked out by the hospital. I then assured him we lived right by Rogue Valley Memorial, and we would go to the emergency room, which we did. Everything was fine.

It was so very nice to have such concerned total strangers coming to my assistance. In this day and age, when we hear so much arguing and backbiting, it is very comforting to know there are still people who are compassionate, caring, and kind.

Mary Wright


MT should know better

The Mail Tribune and the BLM should know better than to abuse the Wilderness Act and drive into a congressionally designated wilderness area to get a story.

I am appalled and disappointed that the Soda Mountain Wilderness has been desecrated by 20 miles of bulldozing, and that the BLM and the Mail Tribune would add insult to injury by driving into the wilderness even after the Klamathon fire has been out for over a month. I expect more from both the federal agency tasked with managing the Soda Mountain Wilderness, and from the Mail Tribune, both of which should have a high ethical bar when reporting from or taking reporters into sensitive and protected habitats.

It’s bad enough that the BLM damaged Southern Oregon’s beloved wilderness within the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument with unnecessary and overly aggressive fire suppression tactics, but it’s even worse that casual driving into the wilderness is currently happening and the Mail Tribune is taking part in it. Those that love the monument and the wilderness are furious, and it’s about time the Mail Tribune and BLM get on the right side of history and make amends for this egregious and unethical action.

Suzie Savoie


Take action

On Aug. 22-24, I took part in a hunger strike that has been traveling the country to remind us that separation of children from immigrant families at the U.S. border is a problem that still isn’t fixed. Hundreds of children are still separated from their families.

I brought my young daughters to the action. We held signs, waved at cars, and read storybooks about the strength in America’s diversity. I called Rep. Greg Walden to ask what he’s doing to solve this problem. His staff directed me to comments posted on his website.

Commenting is easy. Taking real, helpful action can be harder. If others in our community are #Hungry4Justice for immigrant families, we can take action by voting no on Measure 105 this November, so that our hard-working law enforcement will not be deputized to act as immigration police and participate in the injustice that I fasted to protest.

Alison Duren-Sutherland

White City

Walden and health care

Sen. John McCain certainly will be missed. We especially remember his key vote that prevented Congress from repealing the Affordable Care Act (so-called “Obamacare”). Our very own District 2 Rep. Greg Walden spearheaded that repeal effort in Congress. Had the GOP plan (the “American Health Care Act”) replaced Obamacare, an estimated 20 percent of currently insured individuals in our congressional district could have lost their health coverage. Other key Obamacare provisions, such as coverage for pre-existing health conditions, would have been erased.

I fear that Walden’s efforts are linked to enormous campaign funds provided to him by Big Pharma and other “health care” corporations, the largest part of his fundraising. (He’s number one in Congress on such contributions!) Unlike Walden, candidate Jamie McLeod-Skinner will take her direction from the people of our district, not the corporations that profit from health care. She will enhance our health care, not restrict it.

Judith Kloetzel


GOP sold its soul

When did the party of God-given moral superiority become the party of relativism?

With Nixon’s Southern strategy?

With Reagan’s style over substance?

With G.H.W. Bush’s pardoning his co-conspirators in Iran Contra?

With G.W. Bush’s bombing and torture of innocent people in order to stamp out terrorism?

So what’s a few prostitutes? The Republican Party has long ago sold its soul to gain and keep power.

Tom Espinosa


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