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Letters, Sept. 7

Profound ignorance

In the Mail Tribune article “Indivisible caravan: ‘Where’s Walden?’” Greg Walden has once again expressed his profound ignorance of climate science. Walden’s quote in the article states, “I’m not sure big car rallies adding more carbon monoxide emissions to the atmosphere is very environmentally sensitive, either, especially in these times.” This was Walden’s effort to sound smart, which failed miserably.

It is carbon dioxide that is the primary culprit causing climate change, not carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is caused by incomplete combustion and lasts for one or two months in the atmosphere and reacts to become carbon dioxide. Carbon monoxide tailpipe emissions have been reduced by 99 percent since the 1960s. Yes, carbon monoxide is poisonous, but that is not the problem.

It is scary having someone as ignorant as Greg Walden is setting our forest management policy or any policy for that matter. Vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

Doug Daeschner

Eagle Point

A jail answer

To me it seems that Sheriff’ Joe Arpaio’s solution to over crowded jails seems worth a try in Jackson County.

His solution was to use tents to house low-level offenders. In Jackson County these tents would have to be insulated due to our weather. Each inmate would have his/her cot and foot locker for personal items. Three “hots and a cot” wouldn’t be cruel or unusual punishment. Use would be for nonviolent offenders with short internment.

These conditions are certainly better than many underemployed and homeless presently have.

Temporary shelters would then be removed should voters approve new jail facilities.

Just a thought.

Cal Baker


Killing is easy

Go ahead, kill me. What’s another kill in our civilization’s drive for survival?

Killing is a short, swift and terminal action. And it is easy.

We Americans have a blasé attitude toward killing and a fascination with guns. Now we are planning killing in the future with robots! Boys, girls, men and women mindlessly and remorselessly kill multiple life forms — fish, deer, bear, elk, alligator, African big game, Chicago gang members, classmates and so on.

We have a cavalier attitude toward killing and guns. It’s as if we’re entitled to kill.

Where does the ease of killing come from? Video games? News stories of mass killings? Movies and TV shows? Gun shows and ads promoting guns and the latest “improvements”?

In many cases killing is said to be fun. But how can inflicting pain and panic on another life be fun?

Isn’t it time our “superior brain” called for an end to needless killing? Our species’ existence may depend on it.

Ben Benjamin


Wildlife prefers managed forests

Advocates of managing our forests forget to mention wildlife benefit greatly. Deer and elk go where the green is to feed.

Our wildlife is one of Oregon’s greatest resources. A managed forest promotes the health of our wildlife. Oregon voters are convinced we need to separate politics from common sense.

Dick Dunbar


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