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Letters, Sept. 3

Remembering John McCain

I don’t generally write letters to the editor and I can’t improve on the many tributes to the senator’s life. But I had the privilege to meet, brief, and work with John McCain when I worked for the Bureau of Land Management in Arizona.

We could sit in his office and have frank conversations about issues, the first place I heard “I have seen that movie before ...” When he showed up for a field visit on the Arizona Strip, he showed up with Mark Udall, then Democratic senator from Colorado and family friend. He was interested in knowing facts and sharing them across the aisle.

I was a very small player in a remarkable man’s life, one who he always treated with respect. While we didn’t always agree, the reports that he was a man of principle whose voice will be sorely missed could not be more true. In sincere tribute.

Jim Kenna, retire state director


Shocked and saddened

I was shocked, saddened and above all, angry to see the article in Sunday’s newspaper (Aug. 26) on Brian Davis, a 50-year-old adult, that dragged his estranged family through the mud. To think that such additional pain could be heaped upon the Davis family in a time such as this, is unbelievably callous, unconscionable, and cruel.

Unfortunately it is a continuing pattern by the Mail Tribune. Addiction is a life sentence for all involved, and to “politicize” it, to coin an unfortunate and currently over-used phrase, is not in the interest of public safety, i.e., the need for a new jail, as your editorial of the same date suggests. My husband and I have subscribed to the Mail Tribune for 50 years, and now is the time for us to seriously consider canceling. What you’ve done is horrifying. Have you no sense of decency?

Karen Foster


What will it take?

What is it going to take for the Republican Party to put country first? Very disappointed and shocked at the lack of action by the lot of them.

Look at the last 19 months, the people that were very close to Trump are now headed to jail. For eight long years the Republicans did everything in their power to denounce and block any moves by President Obama. Now they are sitting on their hands with blinders on letting this poor excuse of a president destroy our national security.

I have great faith in the American people and believe in our country. To sit and say nothing about the way Trump is trying to discredit our CIA, FBI, Secret Service, taking away security clearances from very well respected men and women is treason as far as I am concerned. I think come mid-terms we will have a wake-up call and the Republicans will have no choice but to come to terms and deal with this monster they have been protecting. I can’t wait.

Ron Cavalli


Thanks for OLLI story

Thanks so much for your education piece “OLLI is 25 years old.” I’ve been taking classes with them about three years and working hard with a committee (MedfordOLLI) to bring more classes and instructors to the Medford SOU/RCC Higher Education venue on Bartlett Street in Medford.

We appreciate our community learning more about us. We have wonderful classes. We also have outstanding free community lectures at the HEC. Go online to the OLLI/SOU website and check us out. You will be amazed at the variety of classes available. As they would say in Oregon, “It’s a helluva deal.”

K. Sloan


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