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Letters, Sept. 25

Has America changed?

Has America changed over the past 30 years? Has the “MeToo” movement and time provided the respect and dignity to women that they have long deserved? The next several days may tell us.

This week, we may find out if the soulless Republicans will appoint another harasser/molester to the Supreme Court. They did it 26 years ago with Clarence Thomas, despite Anita Hill’s allegations of his ongoing, persistent sexual harassment. Now, we have credible allegations of attempted rape against Kavanaugh.

Will the soulless Republicans continue their record of appointing entitled, sexually deviant men to the Supreme Court, or will justice, ethics and the rule of law prevail? Instead of appointing Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, he should be arrested, questioned and disbarred.

We should make it clear that this type of abhorrent behavior is no longer tolerated. And, thanks to Christine Blasey Ford for having the guts to speak out and in the process advance the “MeToo” movement in leaps and bounds.

No one should be allowed to disrespect women, not even (especially not) a nominee for the Supreme Court.

Tom Dimitre


Complete support

I am offering my complete support for the guest opinion by Jason Clark Sept. 4. His comments are a coherent description of the necessity to dramatically increase the scale of restoration work in the forest lands of Southern Oregon. He also discusses the need to view this work as an investment in the future as well as payment for the mistakes of the past.

Our smoky summers have made the reality of our situation more difficult to ignore. Over the past 100 years or so our management activities have led to a fire deficit on the landscape. This in combination with an increase in average temperature and a reduction in soil moisture will increase our chances to experience more summers such as this one.

There are numerous projects offering templates on how to move forward. What we lack is funding sufficient to meet the scale of the problem before us. Hopefully we can find the political will necessary to meet the scale of the problem before the situation becomes even more difficult.

Gary Clarida

Rogue River

Candidate forums

Environmental challenges abound in Southern Oregon, from the fracked gas pipeline to the fires and smoke that compromise our health and threaten our forests, to the climate consequences of global warming that cause dwindling snowpack compromising water supplies and increasing summer temperatures, drying our soils and vegetation and stimulating even greater future fire risk. And then there is the impact of marijuana grows on our groundwater supply, and the toxic chemicals released into our air and water.

These represent questions to ask the candidates from Southern Oregon for the Oregon Legislature and county Board of Commissioners.

Southern Oregon Climate Action now will offer two candidate forums for those seeking to serve: the first, on Monday, Oct. 1, will involve candidates for Oregon Senate District 3 and House Districts 5, 6 and 55. The second, on Monday, Oct. 15, will involve candidates for Seats 1 and 2 on the Jackson County Board of Commissioners. All candidates have been invited.

Both forums will comprise questions from the organizing team and the audience, will be held at the Medford library, 205 S. Central Ave., and will run from 7-8:30 p.m., followed by a short opportunity to meet candidates individually in break-out sessions.

John Limb


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