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Letters, Sept. 23

Hoping to hear from Gomez

I’ve heard Jeff Golden speak about the issues Oregon must address. He stresses support for education (grade school, college and trade school), the need to curb the effects of climate change, and his belief we have reached an all-hands-on-deck moment in Oregon and the nation.

A pamphlet from Jessica Gomez, running against Jeff for state senator, stresses low taxes, curbing spending and encouraging small-business investment. Oregon has one of the country’s lowest high-school graduation rates, as well as large class sizes, but Gomez said nothing about that. Dealing with climate change promotes new businesses and creates jobs, but Gomez made no mention of climate change.

I must know how a candidate will address today’s challenges. I heard from Golden and hope to hear from Gomez. Also, Jeff isn’t taking any corporate campaign contributions. I would like to know Gomez’s contributions policy.

Barry Peckham


Vote for Kochlacs

I am writing in support of Charles Kochlacs for Circuit Court judge. I volunteered with Kochlacs on the Mediation Works board (now Resolve), a nonprofit with restorative justice programs for youth offenders and victims, and anti-bullying school programs.

I was impressed with Kochlacs’ leadership, commitment and tireless work in support of programs that benefit our community. He demonstrated the ability to be open-minded, listening to all sides. He was thoughtful, compassionate and showed a common-sense approach to solving problems.

He has practiced law for decades in our community, as a public defender and in private practice as a well-respected juvenile and family law attorney. With his juvenile court experience and dedication to restorative justice he is uniquely qualified to oversee Jackson County’s successful Treatment Court programs.

Kochlacs has the best experience, background and qualities to replace Judge Crain. Please vote for Charles Kochlacs for Circuit Court judge.

Caprice Moran


Firefighters and roads

Thanks go to the MT for honoring firefighters by printing their names and photographs.

Bigger thanks and blessings go to the firefighters themselves and their families.

Due to climate change and many other important factors, we are likely to see more and larger fires in coming years.

So let’s then be practical. Firefighters need good roads for entering an area and for leaving it safely, plus being able to quickly and efficiently fight the fire.

Please thank and bless the firefighters and their families and then build roads for them.

Barbara Meredith


Told you so

I am renaming Rogue Valley to “Skunk Hollow.” After the horrendous fires and smoke for months, I saw blue sky, thought there would be a breath of fresh air. Instead of nice fresh air I smelled skunk. City fathers, I told you so.

Donna Lehnhardt


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