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Letters, Sept. 22

Trump’s theme song

After months of reading and listening to the president’s self-ascribed superlatives driven by his turbo-charged ego, I have concluded the best theme song for him has to be the 1980 Mac Davis novelty song, “Oh Lord, It’s Hard To Be Humble.”

Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” was a close second, but Mac’s sarcastic little ditty won out. The song starts out “Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble, when you’re perfect in every way.” If you’ve forgotten it or never heard of it in the first place, Google it for the complete lyrics. Each line is more outlandish than the previous one, just like “The Donald’s” continued pronouncements.

Stan Loer

Grants Pass

Vote yes on 106

In the upcoming election, voters will have a few ballot measure to vote on. I just wanted to touch on ballot measure 106; a statewide ballot initiative to end our state tax dollars from funding thousands of elective abortions.

Interestingly enough, the polls say that most Oregonians don’t really care what happens on the abortion issue, just as long as they don’t have to pay for it. And that’s where you come in. You are already paying for it.

On this topic, Richard Doerflinger says, “It’s not ‘pro-choice’ to force others to fund a procedure to which they have fundamental objections.” (Not surprisingly, a poll by Marist Institute for Public Opinion found that 45 percent of pro-choice Americans oppose taxpayer-funded abortion.) So while it might not be readily apparent, this measure is not deciding whether or not abortion is OK, but rather whether or not it is OK to tell someone they must fund something they fundamentally object to.

Ethan Hill

Eagle Point

Resist the resisters

I have to laugh at some letters (and supposed news stories) in the MT. I can’t comment on all of them; however, I was gobsmacked by the AP article on Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

What caught my attention was the quote, “I’m not looking to turn Eastern Oregon blue. I’m looking to represent the folks in my district who are not represented.” Really?

Democrats are a minority of registered voters, yet they have six of seven Oregon members of Congress, leaving one seat for the rest of us, including independents and Libertarians. Now, she wants that one too? Don’t be fooled. If she gets to Congress, she will vote with this Democratic cabal — which already represents the Democrats in our district.

Unless you want no voice in Congress, I suggest all Republicans, conservatives and right-leaning independents get out to vote for Greg Walden in November. It’s time to resist the Resisters.

Terry McNaught


Walden losing touch

In a recent newsletter, Rep. Walden announced he held 29 meetings in 12 counties in 31 days. How many were announced beforehand? His website and newsletter offer little guidance.

Example: He met in Medford Aug. 24 to discuss forest fires with timber industry reps, the Medford Chamber, county commissioners and selected agency representatives. It was reported after the fact.

As chair of a powerful House committee, Walden often claims to “reach across the aisle.” Example: HR 6, addressing opioids, is “my bipartisan bill.” Yet in the Sept. 4 Energy and Commerce Digest, 24 supportive Republicans are given prominent mention — but there’s no mention of the Democratic co-sponsors (Oregon’s Peter DeFazio was one). So much for bipartisanship.

Our congressman appears reluctant to let constituents know when he’s coming to town. He gives lip service to bipartisanship. He’s lost touch with his original call to service. This time, vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

David Sours


Voting for change

I am a fiscal conservative and am very distressed by the actions of our congress in Washington, D.C.

I think it is a great idea to support our business community. I also believe that this year’s tax legislation it is totally irresponsible.

We were promised that the reduced taxes would pay for themselves with increased business. That is not so and has never been so. It slashes taxes and increases spending so much that our deficit is soaring and by all serious projections will continue to dramatically increase in the coming years.

That is a disaster for our country and for our businesses. The resulting interest rate increases will require future tax increases to handle this mounting debt.

It seems like the “conservatives” in Congress have lost their minds. I plan to vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner as our representative in Congress and help bring much-needed change to Washington.

Al Miller


We need a better advocate

Rep. Greg Walden is urging people to back him with non-issue-based ads. The ad says, “I’m a good guy. I work for you every day.”

He seems afraid to discuss issues. He doesn’t hold town halls, no meet-ups, press conferences or any other gatherings where we can ask him questions.

He says he “works everyday” taking care of us. Really?

How? By voting to loot the U.S. Treasury to give a trillion dollars to the already super rich? By leading the effort to end the Affordable Care Act? With that kind of care, we need a better advocate.

Julia Ryden

Central Point


Going natural in Oregon really sucks these days, since planting new trees behind logging is un-natural. Fish hatcheries flooding rivers and oceans with salmon and steelhead is called un-natural. Building dams, lakes and ponds for Oregon is un-natural.

Somehow we have gotten off the wilderness pioneer trail and everything, repeat everything we do nowadays for Mother Nature is called un-natural. Going green are man-made rules and rules are made to be broken by man! Time to produce lots of river fish, plant lots of seeds in our mountains, save our critters from fire. Also try to remember why we allow our fresh state-owned water to go directly into the salty ocean and save none for ourselves.

Tom Rolie


Waste of life

So let me get this right. A woman in known cougar territory is unfortunately killed by a cougar, so the plan is for the feds to go into their home range and kill every cougar they can find to test for DNA to prove that a specific cougar was the “killer” when said cougar is already dead by their hands.

What about the innocent ones? What a waste of life.

Kinda like taking out an entire village to avenge the death of one member. Sound familiar? By the way, the headline “They got one” sounds more like a sporting event than the loss of a life.

Geanie Flanigan


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