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Letters, Sept. 2

Voting for Greg

If only insinuations and aspersions constitute Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s campaign arsenal (Aug. 19 guest opinion), her “leadership” won’t garner my vote.

She asserts Greg Walden has a “recent” interest in fire. However, his forestry reforms passed the House five times in five years but were stopped by the Senate. Most recently his Farm Bill provisions included post-fire harvesting, insect and disease responses, protecting watersheds, reducing ladder fuels, etc. Again, excluded by the Senate. He secured $14 million for Western Oregon under the Secure Rural Schools Act. Greg chairs the Energy and Commerce Committee, which approved the SELF DRIVE Act, the National Suicide Hotline Improvement Act, secured permanent funding for Children’s Health Insurance Program, tackled the Opioid Crisis, pushed broadband internet for rural Oregon, veteran care and more; 150 words can’t cover it all. No one can please everyone, but Greg covers most of my concerns. I will vote to re-elect him.

Robin Lee


OLLI’s offerings are vast

Thank goodness I was already well-informed about OLLI before reading your Aug. 23 news story, “OLLI is 25 years old.” The paragraph describing classes available to OLLI members (Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) is misleading, noting mostly arts and recreation classes.

In fact, the catalog of nearly 150 classes offered this fall includes history, literature, social sciences, nature, science and technology and world journeys, along with arts, recreation and personal exploration.

During my 12 years as a happy OLLI member, I have taken countless excellent classes about subjects like the Cold War, characters in American history, exploring Southern Oregon, highlights of the U.S. Supreme Court , impressionist paintings, the role of pundits in U.S. elections, and the lunatics of Birmingham — all taught by dedicated volunteers who are highly knowledgeable in their fields.

OLLI truly offers a vast selection of courses that are intellectually stimulating and personally satisfying. The interaction with other community members adds to the pleasure of taking classes. My husband and I salute OLLI on its 25th anniversary.

Betty Kazmin


Trump vs. honesty

Donald Trump is a habitual liar. That’s not an opinion. He proves it in public almost daily.

A few assertions he has made with no evidence to back him up — the birther lie, the massive voter fraud lie, the Obama-bugged-the-White-House lie, the claim that he got the most electoral votes in U.S. history. Plus his $20 million settlement in the fraudulent Trump University case. As his secretary of 16 years said, “He lied all the time, we got used to it.”

So my question to all the Trumpettes is: Would you be fine with your doctor lying to you, or your friends, or your wife, husband, or kids lying to you constantly? Seriously, are you OK with a constantly lying president? What does that say about you?

As Michael Gerson, Republican editorialist, wrote in a column recently, “America is about to get a crash course in money laundering and fraud when Mueller’s investigation is done.” Luckily, our government has checks and balances — unlike Russia and North Korea.

Tim Church


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