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Letters, Sept. 18


“Inspirational” Colin Kaepernick, unemployed, millionaire ex-football player, won’t stand for the United States national anthem, but bows down for the almighty dollar. Such loyalty!

Sen. Dick Durbin admitted that the demonstrations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh were coordinated with other leftist Democrats in that chamber. Temper tantrums replace respect for the law.

There are many Democratic Party candidates with fictitious and/or off-putting resumes: Alexandra Ocasio-Cortes, Beto O’Rourke and Julia Salazar among them, that the party now appears beyond parody, disconnected from reality and no longer a serious political contender. The committee members investigating Judge Kavanaugh made no attempt to read even one (1!) of the 415,000 pages of the judge’s papers available before demanding another 42,000 pages withheld by the White House following the precedent set by the prior president during the hearings for Justices Sotomayor and Kagan. Goose-gander parity! Hurrah!

When Obamacare was being passed, Rep Pelosi (D-Calif.) famously stated: we have to pass it before we read it. Now leftists demand documents they won’t read! Continued insanity!

With nothing positive or constructive to offer, the last resort of the left is to send in the clowns.

“Don’t bother, they’re here.” (Hat tip: Stephen Sondheim!)

Mitch Rofter


Obama’s voice of reason

This month we finally heard a voice of reason from our 44th president, Barack Obama. He has been quiet and abided with presidential protocol since leaving office, but he, as are many of us, is alarmed about the lack of values that are being espoused by this administration.

Let’s take a look at the messengers! One is eloquent, sincere, honest, positive, historically astute, calm and optimistic; the other is egotistical, ignorant of history, arrogant, narcissistic, untruthful, turbulent and promotes fear. Attacking the press, DOJ, congressmen and anybody who disagrees with POTUS is certainly not a way to unify our country. But we, the voters, can begin to rectify the plethora of issues this November.

On another note — how can a president who is under investigation by the special counsel be allowed to nominate a judge for the Supreme Court?

Bob Miller


Leadership matters

Over many years’ participation in various organizations I’ve learned that leadership matters. Leaders to a significant extent set the standard for the effective and moral functioning of the organization — or the opposite.

As I look at the state of our country today, I have to ask myself whether President Trump has the competence and values to provide the leadership and direction we need.

Some people support Trump, despite concerns, because of specific policy actions. I can comprehend such views, even while disagreeing with some.

But I am concerned about those who idealize Trump, believe his every lie, and deny the damage he does to our country, its political processes, its norms and standards. They do our country a significant disservice.

I believe we need to look clearly at the overall effects of this president’s actions.

Can we afford a leader who lies and bullies? Who dehumanizes individuals and groups, supports murderous dictators, consistently works to benefit the rich at the expense of the middle class and poor, sets neighbor against neighbor, and vilifies our free press a “enemies of the people?”

Is any set of policies worth the trade-off?

Robert John Scheelen


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