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Letters, Sept. 16

Thanks for context

I appreciate the Mail Tribune providing context to reports like the one by 24/7 Wall St., recently published in USA Today. I couldn’t agree more with our Parks, Recreation and Facilities Management director when he describes the report as “a bunch of hooey.”

Comparing Medford crime statistics to national averages is not apples to apples. Medford is a hub for several surrounding cities and statistics based per thousand do not take into account the increase in daytime population.

Where the data originate is a very important factor when reading reports such as the one published last month. Articles often lack clarity when it comes to data analyses. We encourage all citizens to utilize the data provided in the monthly crime statistics issued by the Medford Police Department to gain an accurate understanding of crime occurring in Medford. The reports can be found on our website on the Police Department page.

It is my hope that the next time someone reads a report featuring Medford they would keep in mind the above points and consider the source as well as the data utilized in its findings.

I truly believe Medford is a wonderful place to live and raise a family.

Mayor Gary Wheeler


Make voting compulsory

Voting turnout in many elections in the U.S. is so low that a small minority of voters elect candidates who often do not represent the interests of the majority.

Compulsory voting has been the law in Australia since the 1920s, and almost 90 percent of Australians vote in their elections, while in the U.S. the percentage is far lower. A similar law in the U.S. might restore our faith that our government truly does represent the will of the majority.

Frank Hieber


Drug sellers praise Walden

Recently I happened across a half-page ad in the Mail Tribune lauding Greg Walden for receiving the “Champion for Healthy Seniors Award” from The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease.

My first thought was “who in their right minds would give Walden a champion for seniors award?” So I went to www.opensecrets.com to see if they could enlighten me as to who these award givers were.

Turns out The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease is a subsidiary of The Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America. Why am I not surprised ? Drug manufacturers have donated over $500,000 to Walden this term and over $1 million throughout his tenure.

If anyone out there believes that the drug manufacturers of America have any interest in lowering the price of prescriptions drugs I have a bridge in Arizona in which he or she would likely be interested.

Michael Shanafelt


Member of the swamp

Greg Walden works for us?

He used to. And I used to vote for him.

But he’s become one more career politician, more a resident of Washington, D.C., than of Oregon, a member of the swamp President Trump promised to drain.

He pops up unannounced in the district or at times most of us can’t have access. He troops out feel-good, popular legislation right before elections. He surrounds himself with vets like me ... right before elections.

Have you ever contacted his office for a question on a vote? You might get an answer in two months.

Working for us? Huh uh. He’s one more Washington politician working to maintain the swamp. It’s time for us to drain him.

John Maas

Eagle Point

Honoring firefighter

Thank you, Mail Tribune, for honoring our deserving firefighters in the Sunday, Sept. 10 issue.

So often they are overlooked, anonymous faces putting themselves at risk to protect us. In my 18 years in Southern Oregon, I have never seen a fire year as long, as destructive and as threatening to so many urban areas.

My heartfelt thanks go out to our firefighters for their commitment under very harsh circumstances. You have my deep respect. Stay safe!

Tia Hatch


Sounds like bribery

Regarding Jordan Cove-Pacific connector grants: Reading the ad in Sunday’s Mail Tribune, “The Jordan Cove-Pacific Connector grant program supporting our Jackson County Community,” sounds like bribery to me.

H. Saunders


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