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Letters, Sept. 15

Trump’s actions despicable

As much as I respect the office he holds as president, his disrespect for women, lies that he starts to believe himself, racist remarks, colluding with Russia, the list goes on and on.

But none of those things compare to what he has done to the refugees from Central and South America and Mexico by removing their children.

What children fear most is being abandoned. He single-handedly managed to damage those children for life with his irresponsible behavior.

Growing up in the Netherlands during World War II, both my wife and I have personally observed the change in children’s behavior when they have been separated from parents. Those feelings of agony and distress have continued into adulthood.

To purposely create this situation for American refugee families is truly inhumane. Trump has lost the respect of so many of us.

Trump’s actions have consequences. Those refugees are of no importance to him, but they are important and that makes him in the eyes of the world a heartless president. The one thing he craves most is being admired and loved, but due to his actions he will instead be ridiculed and despised.

Thomas Mulder


Spineless Republicans

Trump manages to behave so badly because the spineless un-American leadership of the Republican Party in Congress acts collectively to enable, support and advocate for his antics. Since Greg Walden is one of those congressional leaders, we must hold him accountable for the ongoing debacle that is the current White House swamp. Has anyone heard a peep from Walden that would suggest he is not a loyal Trumpist?

Walden may have represented Congressional District 2 once, but no longer. He now represents only his corporate campaign contributors. Trump and Walden absolutely do not represent Oregon values, and certainly not the values of District 2. It’s time for Walden to be retired and be replaced by a candidate who would not enable the ongoing disgusting Trump behavior but actually represent constituents rather than corporations.

A vote for Walden is a vote for more smoke and a lot less health care!

Bruce Bauer


Medford needs help

Medford has been ranked as the third worst place to raise children, as population with access to areas for exercise (lowest 10 percent). Medford is below average on crime rate, but theft is rampant.

While citizens have valiantly defended Medford, let’s not sugarcoat it: Medford needs help.

Medford’s top priority is to build a new jail, as if it will be a panacea to sweep all of the homeless and drug addicted out of sight. The problem is that it is a short-term solution and does nothing for quality of life in general.

High school graduation rate: (lowest 10 percent). It looks like kids are going to drugs and crime rather than finishing high school. Money would be well spent on addiction treatment and life skills training. In addition, take the $664,000 in marijuana taxes to build a recreation and aquatics center. This would create jobs, and opportunities for keeping kids busy and out of trouble.

Beautification would go a long way. Sadly, Bear Creek is treated as an unsightly dump. In Arcata, California, they have taken sewage treatment plant water and made it into a beautiful estuary supporting wildlife, complete with a nature path.

Every problem has a solution.

Kathy Lambie


The real cost of war

I have a dilemma of thought, as I was just thinking during a resting, about war.

America, why are we at war with several countries throughout the world? Have these countries invaded our lands?

Does our own federal government make the complete decision to go to war? Is Congress the group of the final say so, or does it land on Trump? How strongly does the defense department stand on the matter?

Does it make sense that innocent men and women are fighting to kill one another? Why are they fighting, again? When people who make this choice to go to war, do they realize to the extent the massive structural and astronomical death toll of men, women, young and old, children, teenagers, mothers, fathers, engineers, jet pilots, bus drivers, police, sales people, retail, insurance agents, bakers, car detailers, pets, wildlife, insects, bees ... I can go on and maybe I ought to, because the list runs to infinity and if enough people read this list, then just maybe they all will turn another cheek and not go to war under any circumstances. Just wondering America, have I made my peace?

Jeff Kassman

Central Point

Missing the real story

While we are besieged every day with political gossip and misinformation on twitter and social media, we are missing much of the most vital threats to our future.

This administration, by ignoring climate change and coddling the extractive industries, is setting about diminishing our most precious assets. Our beautiful, diverse BLM conifer forests have been recovering from over a century of mistreatment, and now, under new management rules, the BLM proposes to cut down “85 percent of the canopy” and replace it with monoculture tree farms.

The Griffin Halfmoon and Clean Slate timber sales in identified great gray owl nesting habitat are slated to be cut and replaced with a crop of fir seedlings. That is no longer a forest. We know that tree farms burn hotter and faster and are more devastating than a natural forest with big, old, fire-resistant trees.

Instead of trying to get maximum board feet from our superb public forests, we need careful thinning and keeping Mother Nature in charge. Given half a chance, she will sequester carbon, slow climate change and provide a haven for the plants, birds, fish and animals that keep us and our air and water healthy.

Bonnie Johnson


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