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Letters, Sept. 14

Disaster looms

At one time, Venezuela was the richest nation in South America. Since 2014 close to 3 million people have fled their nation because of Hugo Chavez and his socialist policies.

Now it takes $150 to buy 1 dozen eggs. The inflation rate is somewhere around 43,305 percent. This is horrible and difficult for us to comprehend.

I mention all this to get your attention on the situation we Americans will have to deal with in the near future if our leaders insist on making us a socialist nation, which is their goal. Our inflation rate now is much higher than the government wants us to know since they do not factor in food or energy. The dollar is the World Reserve Currency so there are tons of dollars floating around the nations of the world. These dollars are not backed by anything. Our national debt is over $21 trillion, consumer debt is near $13 trillion and the unfunded liability is much higher than the two of these put together. We are in serious trouble. You might want to read “Three Warning Signs of Another Bust” by Ben Stine in the the September Newsmax magazine. Please pray for our country.

Gordon DeVos


Self-inflicted wound

Wow, Nike! Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!

Brian Matuse


Story victimized family

This is in response to the Sunday, Aug. 26 article regarding Joe Davis, who is an excellent candidate for Circuit Court Judge. I have worked for his father, former Judge Ross Davis, as his caregiver for several years. I have come to know them as outstanding people of stellar character, truthful, responsible and respectful of the law. I was outraged and appalled at the unfair intrusion into this family’s private difficulties.

Brian Davis’ troubles and his “string of charges” are in no way discrediting to his family who have been victimized enough. Evidently, the writer of the story never interviewed the “victim” but merely copied her accusations from her Facebook page. To report the victim’s implication that somehow Joe Davis’ father was involved in Brian Davis’ sentence or release is an unfair and irresponsible untruth. The fact that Brian Davis is related to Joe Davis and the very honorable former Judge Ross Davis, is irrelevant and to me is not news. His family’s experience as victims helps Joe know the high need for appropriate jail sentences, jail space and the need for drug treatment in our county.

R. L. Martinez


Trump’s bigly expenses

Tuesday, Aug. 22, 2018: Phoenix, Arizona, rally scheduled for 7 p.m. Many schools, courts and businesses close as early as 1 p.m. due to street closures and security. Cost unknown as of yet.

Seven trips to Mar-a-Lago (based on figures from the Governmental Accountability Office): $3 million apiece.

Thus far in 2018, golf cart rental for Secret Service agents to protect Trump while playing at his Mar-a-Lago and Bedminster properties: $60,000.

Trump military parade: estimates as high as $92 million.

Border Wall: $21.6 billion to $70 billion. Does not include maintenance costs. A rebate check from Mexico: zero.

According to Secret Service Director Randolph Alles, 1,000 agents have already hit the federally mandated salary cap for all of 2018.

Trump has Secret Service protection for 42 people, including 18 family members. President Obama had 31.

Let’s not forget Scott Pruitt’s $43,000 phone booth. (He made one call ) And the $163,000 for extravagant air fares, just in his first year in office.

Bottom line: The value of a Democratic-controlled Congress — priceless!

T. Alan Gielow

Shady Cove

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