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Letters, Sept. 10

Not taking advantage

The arrival of electric smart meters in Oregon has caused debates among the pro- and anti-meter folks. But during some of these I have noticed that Pacific Power is being accused of ripping off their customers. A few observations on that charge:

We have lived in rural Jackson county for almost 50 years and found Pacific Power to be a very dependable source of electricity. Pacific Power employees are friends and neighbors. In our home we have a refrigerator and freezer, washer and dryer, water heater and electric range, air conditioner and electric heaters, microwave oven and small appliances, sewing machine and fans, TV and computer, well pump and pressure pump, power tools, battery chargers and yard lights. To run all of these costs less than $3 a day.

Without Pacific Power we would have no heat, no cooling, no water, no lights, no communication, no refrigeration, dirty clothes and spoiled food.

Even though there different opinions on smart meters , experience and common sense tells me that Pacific Power, as a valuable and responsible member of the community, is not trying to take advantage of the people of Oregon.

Tom Brussat


Subpar coverage

Nice articles and photos from the men’s finals at the Southern Oregon Golf Championships last weekend. However, we were teed off at having to search for the women’s results.

Did the women players really only merit 5 inches of copy (out of 60 inches), without a single picture? We would hazard to guess that you whiffed it! Congratulations to all of the women competitors and champion, local golfer Trina Jones.

E. Martin and P. Pappas


Support SOU athletics

SOU athletics rock! I am a UO graduate with a master’s from SOU. Naturally I am a Duck fan, but there is something very special about small-college sports.

These students are not expecting to earn large salaries as professional athletes. They spend long hours at practices, still work hard at their studies, and travel amazingly long distances in vans or buses in their NAIA Frontier league. Most have received accolades as “Scholar Athletes”, and they win!

The atmosphere at the football games is happy and upbeat! There are tailgates, food trucks, a beer garden, the band, cheer and dance teams, and very enthusiastic fans. I would encourage you to attend your favorite sport, whether volleyball, soccer, track, basketball, wrestling, cross country, softball or football. These hard working students enjoy and deserve your support as do their dedicated coaches!

The SOU Alumni Association is a great way to stay connected to SOU. It is free! They simply want you in the database so you will receive all the perks and invitations to events such as the free Raider Rendezvous in various areas including Alaska and Hawaii. Log on to SOU for more information.

Carol Moody


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