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Letters, Oct. 6

Orr is refreshing

I find it refreshing that there is a candidate for Circuit Court judge in the November election who has integrity and a strong sense of ethics, considering the current political circus of corruption, pay-offs and favors that runs rampant in government today. David Orr is just the opposite.

I questioned the meaning of his slogan “Justice Without Politics.” His answer to me was honest, truthful and admirable.

David accepts no contributions of any kind from any source and will not seek or accept endorsements. He firmly believes that there should never be bias when presiding over a court case as judge. He therefore owes no “favors” to any campaign donors or politicians!

I will be voting for David Orr for Circuit Court judge. I think is time for good, old-fashioned values to be the norm instead of the exception.

Billie Jean Shores


Voting for Jensen

I am writing to support Stephen Jensen for Ashland City Council. I have known and worked with Steve for 20 years.

I believe that a valuable councilman (or any publicly elected official) will be motivated by a desire to improve the community for all of the constituents. To accomplish this, one has to be selfless, good-natured, a little bit on fire, and command a strong sense of the issues facing Ashland. Steve has all these skills.

I have witnessed Steve’s successful leadership style in working with students, parents and coworkers. He can study and understand a problem and then explain it to others because he is, first, an excellent listener.

I wholeheartedly support Stephen Jensen for Ashland City Council and urge you to vote for Steve!

Mike Vediner


Vote for Lanita Witt

I attended a meet and greet at the Eagle Point library with Dr. Lanita Witt, candidate for Jackson County commissioner Position 3. She is a retired medical doctor, a rancher of 440 acres practicing sustainable agriculture, and has tons of community service experience.

I was especially impressed with her job development ideas around forestry, irrigation, the building trades and partnering with community colleges to educate and train students for these lucrative professions. Affordable housing appropriately fits into her economic development plans.

Dr. Witt’s ideas for public health and safety stress prevention over brick and mortar. She is open to model programs that are working in other communities. She is committed to forming and listening to expert advisory groups to address specific public health and safety issues. Her life and career has made conditions better for society.

Vote for the most competent candidate for our county Board of Commissioners, Dr. Lanita Witt.

Bill Walsh

Eagle Point

Made my day

Yesterday while I waited in line at Winco I was getting annoyed. The lady in front of me was saying she didn’t want many of her items and asked that they be returned. This went on for several minutes.

I was in a hurry and didn’t realize she couldn’t afford all of her groceries. She paid for some with a card, not food stamps, and some with cash, leaving a nearly $20 balance that she didn’t have enough for. This very nice young man, an employee who was also bagging her groceries, used his personal credit card to pay for the remainder.

As I left I asked him if that was his mother and he said no, he just could see that she couldn’t afford all her groceries and since he lived with his parents and made more money that he needed, he was paying it forward. Wow, I was so impressed with this nice young man and I thanked him for opening my eyes. What a thoughtful thing to do. His name is Max and he deserves some special recognition and a thank you.

Sharon Hosick


Walden just goes along

Our health care is endangered if Greg Walden is elected again.

Walden’s campaign leads the entire House of Representatives in contributions from health care or pharmaceutical companies. The total as of June was $367,700.

Walden introduced a health bill that would not have protected pre-existing conditions. Thousands of seniors would have lost their health care insurance.

We know we have to change Washington starting with the Congress that does so little. Walden is one of those who just goes along with the group.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner will be independent, represent us — not corporations — and bring healthy new energy to Congress. We are voting for Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

Jon and Ginnie Deason


Voting no on meals tax

I have been studying the meals tax issue and trying to decide which way I would vote. I have decided to vote no. My reasons are:

  • A meals tax would not provide a consistent, reliable and fair source of revenue to pay for our critical public safety services, nor could enough revenue be raised in this manner from our 14 restaurants. Jacksonville cannot be compared to Ashland, which has 166 restaurants, three times as many as Jacksonville.
  • I know of no Jacksonville restaurant owner that is in favor of the meals tax. I can only assume they believe it would be detrimental to their businesses.
  • Besides Ashland, only one other city in Oregon, Yachats, has a meals tax, and the revenue raised by the meals tax in both of these cities is used to pay for water facilities, not public safety services such as police.

Marcy McQuillan


Freedom and responsibility

Freedom and responsibility are two sides of the same coin. We can’t be responsible without the freedom to make choices, and we aren’t free if someone else is responsible for making our choices.

Too often, political leaders promise to make better choices for us if only we will give up a little more freedom. I’m thinking of health care. This is a large, complex subject where much freedom has been lost, and more is at risk.

We won’t turn public policy around overnight, but we can avoid making it worse. I believe Jessica Gomez understands this and suggest you give serious consideration to her candidacy for the Oregon State Senate District 3 in November.

John Ames


Who cares?

Jamie McLeod-Skinner cares. At a recent fundraiser I heard Jamie talk about her concerns for our health care including the air that we breathe.

In last Sunday’s paper it mentioned that both Sen. Jeff Merkley and Sen. Ron Wyden have introduced bills to protect our air quality by preventing wildfires. Our current representative has no such bill.

I am sure our senators would look forward to working with Jamie evidenced by the fact that both of them have endorsed her. She sure gets my vote.

Quin Ley


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