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Letters, Oct. 2

Liberals look the other way

This is a response to Tom Dimitre’s letter (Sept. 25).

Why do liberals only seem to believe women who follow their own leftist agenda? They look the other way and attack and ridicule the victims of Democratic Party officials (for example, those victimized by Bill Clinton, Cory Booker and Keith Ellison, to name a few).

Ted “Chappaquiddick” Kennedy was admired and allowed to stay in politics despite causing the death of a woman after he drove his car off a bridge into the water. He left the scene and didn’t report it to the police for 10 hours and ended up with a two-month suspended jail sentence.

Tom Dimitre uses the word “soulless” to describe Republicans in his letter, but ironically that’s the word that comes to my mind when describing that despicable incident at Chappaquiddick.

Democrats call themselves champions of women, but as a woman I emphatically believe that is not the case.

Maureen Stewart


Ashland held hostage

Anyone who walks through downtown Ashland these days asks themselves the same question: What on earth is going on?

Why am I assailed repeatedly by beggars asking for my time and attention, for money, for the box of leftovers from my lunch or dinner as if I had no plans to eat it myself?

Ashland is being held hostage by a couple of dozen transients who have come to believe their individual rights take precedence over the health, peace and community spirit of thousands of locals and visitors as well as the hundreds of local homeless who know better than to foul their own nest.

Please understand this does not need to be the new normal, and we are not powerless to change the situation.

Our vote is our power. Vote Dolinger for City Council and I promise you this will soon no longer be the new Ashland.

Randy Dolinger


Re-elect Walden

This November will be the 11th time I have voted for Greg Walden since 1999. I have come to know Greg personally as a pragmatic and moderate conservative who works tirelessly for all his constituents.

In Congress, he is recognized for his knowledge and expertise as chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee. Walden is the most effective and bipartisan member of the Oregon delegation in actual legislative results. He has seniority and influence.

His persistent, determined and effective support of children’s and rural health care and the care and support of our veterans has made a real difference in thousands of lives.

Greg does not take elections for granted. Please don’t you take Congressman Walden for granted because you think he can’t lose write a letter, put up a sign, let everyone know you appreciate his dedication, hard work and experience in Congress.

John Dailey


No new ground

First of all, let me state that I am no fan of Curt Ankerberg. With that said, the MT purports to publish a front page “news story” (as opposed to an editorial opinion) on Tuesday. The “news story” covers no new ground but simply regurgitates Ankerberg’s litany of stupid comments, tax fraud, etc., all of which has been in the public forum, and previously covered in the MT.

It seems to me that Tuesday’s front page “news story” is simply a hit piece targeted on one candidate. Looks like the Merry Pranksters of the MT Editorial Board are at it again.

Ted Krempa


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