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Letters, Nov. 9

Thanks for editorial

I want to thank Steven Saslow, the publisher of the Mail Tribune, for his thoughtful and moving editorial Nov. 4.

I agree it is time we all denounce crimes of hate against humanity. Sadly, this president supports an ideology of hate though both his words and actions.

As a former Republican, and now Democrat, I am relieved that the incoming Democratic majority in the House will now hold the current president in check.

The Republican Party as it exists today is no longer the Republican Party. It has become the Trumpian Party. The once ethical and deliberative GOP has surrendered its more noble values in wholesale capitulation to the current occupant of the Oval Office. The Trumpian Party exists only to serve the base and narcissistic whims of its founder.

Worshipers die in prayer at their temple, at the hands of a racist inspired by Donald Trump’s bile, and then Trump shows up, uninvited and unwanted, to funerals for his photo opportunity.

I pray we will find our way soon.

God bless and shalom.

Donna Breedlove


Honor Flight says thanks

The board of directors of Honor Flight of Oregon would like to thank the Rogue Chapter No. 1260 of the Non Commissioned Officers Association (NCOA) and its Chairman, Terry Haines, for their outstanding and patriotic volunteerism in 2018! To date, because of Terry’s unwavering and unstoppable drive to honor our local veterans, NCOA has raised more than $28,000 in donations for Honor Flight.

Their support has assured Honor Flight of Oregon will be able to escort World War II, Korea and Vietnam veterans on another flight next year to visit Washington, D.C., and their memorials.

Every donation adds up to make these trips possible. To support Honor Flight and honor our local veterans, please contact us at Honorflightoforegon@gmail or visit the website at honorflightoforegon.org. Thank you to everyone.

Ron Kohl, president, Honor Flight of Oregon


Home ownership help

The recent Mail Tribune article on the lack of home ownership among minorities in Oregon should concern us all. Not just because home ownership is part of the American dream, but, more importantly, because many members of our community are being left behind in this dream. A dream fulfilled for one should be a dream fulfilled for all.

As the only nonprofit ,community-based credit counseling organization in all of Oregon, we have a unique perspective on this problem. Working with 30-plus community partners, our certified financial counselors have been providing a highly successful program called 10 Steps to Home Ownership. In a classroom-type setting, our counselors show clients, most of whom are low-income families, how to get financially ready to buy a home. We take people through the process of preparing your finances for home ownership, improving your credit, and then shopping for a loan.

Becoming a first-time homeowner can be overwhelming, and the goal of our program is to lessen these roadblocks for all, so that everyone, no matter their income level, can enjoy the American dream.

Bill Ihle, executive director and CEO, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Southern Oregon


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