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Letters, Nov. 6

Graves coverup unfolds

It doesn’t take anyone with 5 cents of common sense to see the cover-up unfold in the Matthew Graves case.

I mean, come on: Graves was unarmed, no crime was committed, officer Cardenas corralled him in the Carl’s Jr. bathroom, tasered him as he was obviously just trying to squeeze past and get out of there, Graves looking like a frightened, cornered cat.

Second Officer Davis arrives, forces Graves to the bathroom floor, then Cardenas, “believing his life was in danger” because he thought Graves “had a gun,” squeezes two off into Graves’ back as he is lying prone and face down, with Davis on top, on the cold tile.

Really? After watching bodycam footage, listening to Beth Heckert clumsily explain it as justified, and reading that the grand jury vote was not unanimous, I am sure the family will prevail in their civil case against the city of Eagle Point, as they should.

And the taxpayers will ultimately pick up the tab for the paranoia of officer Cardenas, who after paid time off after the shooting, is still on the force.

J. Miller


Repeal the tax cut

Cal Thomas (Oct. 27) carefully overlooks the obvious solution to the problem of increase in the government’s deficit and resulting debt: Repeal the Republicans’ unnecessary and pointless tax cut that shoveled $1.5 trillion to individuals and corporations already so awash in money they can’t think of anything useful to do with it.

And don’t dare use this as a bogus reason to cut Social Security and Medicare.

Steve Soar


Resisting this

Rodney Rogers of Rogue River wrote to the MT wondering what the Democrats were “resisting.”

They are resisting a multitude of activities by President Trump that go on without objection from Republicans, such as:

The copious and serious lies by the president, some of which are made to mislead his own supporters and which should be unacceptable behaviour. The constant insults made by the president against the rest of the world, including our long term allies. The president is no longer the respected and trusted leader of the free world. Large tax breaks for the very rich financed by increasing the national debt — to be repaid by rich and poor alike for years to come. The attempts by the president and the Republican Congress to deny affordable and accessible health care to those Americans who need it the most and can afford it the least. The constant spreading of fear and division. The racial animosity against Muslims and Hispanics practiced in the White House.

And, the near treasonous behaviour of the congressional Republicans who plotted in secret to take actions that would make President Obama “look bad,” even when those actions were contrary to the best interests of the country.

David Argetsinger


Remembering Matthew Graves

Matthew Thayer Graves, who was shot and killed by an Eagle Point police officer, was my student for three terms at Rogue Community College. Matthew lit up the room with his beautiful smile and jovial personality. His journal entries were thoughtful, compassionate, and introspective.

On more than one occasion, his words brought me to tears. We teachers live for students like Matthew: engaged, loving and respectful. In fact, these students inspire us to become better educators. Memories of exceptional students endlessly float in and out my consciousness. Once joyful memories of Matthew have turned to utter despair.

A Valentine’s Day card Matthew presented me in 2007, now resides on my living room mantel as a tribute to a gentle soul who touched my heart.

Sue Miller


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