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Letters, Nov. 5

Why is everything foreign?

Just for kicks, I went all over the house to see how many products were made in other countries.

I stopped when I got up to 13. I’m sure there are a lot more but by the time I got that far, I was quite disgusted.

The countries where the majority of the products came from is China. That seems to be a given.

The other countries were Mumbai, Israel, India, England, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Vietnam, Cambodia and so on and on.

My Hewlett-Packard computer is from China also. Funny thing is, years ago I worked in an electronics company in Palo Alto, California. Right across the street was the Hewlett-Packard plant.

Now it is just the headquarters.

I feel like I am part of the United Nations with all these foreign products. I am sure that the wages paid to these people are not anywhere near what people in the same industries would be paid in the United States. I recall when I was just a kid, going into a Woolworth store and seeing things made in Japan. We considered those things junk.

My, how times have changed!

Just recalling the past.

Ruth Davis


Questioning comment

I have a couple of questions for Jack Harmon of Phoenix. I was wondering if his German friend commented to him about his worries concerning the Proud Boys or the alt right and their vile ways of spewing hate toward anyone nonwhite? Surely, they deserve recognition for their actions, especially for the shooting of 11 people in the synagogue in Pittsburgh just last weekend.

Harmon shifted to the MS-13 motto and 40 percent of homicides on Long Island and unsupervised Hispanic children. He suggested they could do to our country as Hitler did to Germany.

I can only add that we already have an authoritarian wanna-be as the head of our government. We need not look to Hispanic children or MS-13 gang members to damage our democracy. Trump has that well in hand.

Penny Keenan


Tax issues

While reading Oct. 24 letters to the editor, I was expecting something very different from the “Taxpayers beware” one. Seems I was being told to watch out for the Democrats who want only to raise our taxes.

Actually it is the Republicans tax cuts which worry me and ironically the political cartoon right next to the letter speaks to that issue. The latest talk from the president touts a great new tax this time actually to benefit middle-income Americans (in contrast to the one that was passed) which apparently has not even been discussed in the Senate or House and the White House was scrambling to define it.

The huge deficit — yes, I know, is always huge but magnified with the last attempt would be even more frightening as it can be paid for by deducting from Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. I am not enthused about paying taxes but do want decent roads, schools, libraries, law enforcement and environmental protections. Surely there is a way to work together to achieve some actual fairness re these matters and we need leaders who are willing to work for the benefit of all Americans regardless of political party.

Barbara Dallas


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