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Letters, Nov. 4

Matthew Graves’ death

The article’s title should have Matthew’s name in it and not Carl’s Jr. That title diminishes his life, it devalues him as a human being. For the non-police persons, please define justified shooting.

They mishandled the entire situation from the start. Matthew, hungry, crossing against the light and, as schizophrenics in general are, afraid of police. He wanted to be left alone So how far did they follow him? Was crossing against a light justification for valuable police resources? Then still pursuing him into a bathroom? He was not a threat or they wouldn’t have put themselves into a confined space for no good reason.

Was this really justified? Why would they purposefully create an altercation with a paranoid mentally, ill man? What is their training in recognizing and managing mentally ill members of the public? As far as we, the public, are concerned, they shoot schizophrenics, don’t they?

Molly Maguire


A time to vote

It was Sunday and I was watching the internet. I clicked on some children signing “It’s a Wonderful World.” From somewhere deep within a feeling of grief suddenly overwhelmed me and I began to sob uncontrollably.

I thought of children being separated from their mothers by our border patrol officers and put into cages. I thought of several thousand of refugees, mothers with their children, continuing to flee violence in their countries by coming to our borders for help. I thought of our government threatening to use military force to stop them.

Yes, it is time to grieve, my friends. It is also at time to vote.

Walter Schmidt


Apologize, America!

I admire Ashland’s Peace House for honoring Chase Iron Eyes for this year’s Peace Maker award on Friday. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I liked to imagine that perhaps Chief Seattle and his tribe roamed the woods I cherished as a child.

For years I have felt that America is overdue to apologize to her First Peoples. The miserable treatment and the broken treaties have disappointed and infuriated me. The Canadian government apologized for their residential treatment program of indigenous peoples in 2008 and is continuing to address the unfairness.

There is a long list of wrongs our country has inflicted but the manipulation and the heartless treatment continues today in North Dakota! The Washington Post reports that “... the Supreme Court allowed a lower court ruling to stand, allowing North Dakota to require voters to provide identification that shows a residential address rather than a post office box number. Many Native American advocacy groups have argued that this decision violates tribal sovereignty and systematically disenfranchises voters. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp’s (D-N.D.) reelection may be at stake.” The manipulation and unfair treatment continues in America.

Sally McKirgan


We can do better

I am a big fan of the Mail Tribune, so I was dismayed to read your endorsement of Greg Walden, whom you support in large measure because he’s been in office for decades.

Yes, Walden has clout: Too bad he’s not using it for our benefit. You ask whether we can afford Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s programs for comprehensive health care, low-cost college and green jobs. Walden is part of a GOP-controlled Congress that’s racking up a record-breaking $28 trillion in federal debt. Talk about unaffordable.

Walden takes big money from drug makers and other out-of-state corporate interests. He voted to overturn the Affordable Care Act that covers thousands of his constituents. He dodges local voters. According to the Federal Elections Commission, only 8 percent of his donations come from inside our district. Surely we can do better with McLeod-Skinner fighting for the interests of working families.

Carol Brydolf


Very disappointed

I was very disappointed in the Mail Tribune’s justification for endorsing Greg Walden for U.S. representative.

Walden joined Republican efforts to dismantle critical pieces of the Affordable Care Act that resulted in higher-than-anticipated policy costs and claimed this increase was due to flaws in the law.

According to the CBO report, his AHCA, passed by the House before receiving that CBO report, would actually increase the cost of insurance to a large number of individuals with pre-existing conditions beyond their ability to afford adequate care.

Republicans, including Walden, have had eight years to produce “a more equitable solution.” He has not done that. What good has all that power and influence done for our health care? He has not earned another two years.

I urge District 2 constituents to vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner who will work hard for us!

Julie MacDiarmid

Central Point

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