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Letters, Nov. 30

A good answer

A good answer to our horrible wildfire and smoke problem has already been worked out and approved by our local governments. Let’s not spend another 10 years in studies figuring out what to do. We just have to fund the plan, and it will be expensive.

The Southern Oregon Forest Restoration Collaborative, composed of a broad range of stakeholders including loggers, landowners, BLM and forestry experts and environmentalists, over a period of years developed the Rogue Basin Strategy Plan, which calls for forest restoration of 1.1 million acres of the 3.3 million acre Rogue Basin. Forest restoration includes thinning and fuel reduction to create healthier forests. It is projected to reduce wildfire risks by 70 percent.

Unfortunately forest restoration costs $700 to $1,000 per acre, putting a price tag of upwards of $1 billion on the plan. The amount set aside for this plan? $0.

Fortunately, the Oregon Legislature has on its agenda a “cap and trade” bill which will help slow down climate change, one of the causes of intense wildfires. Cap and trade is projected to generate about $700 million a year in revenue.

Forest restoration, meet cap and trade.

David Beale


Walden of the minority

I appreciate your promise to keep your readers up-to-date on the issues related to forests and fire over the next year. I suggest you also do some regular follow-up on the performance of Representative Walden.

You touted his leadership in the Republican caucus as a benefit over replacing him. The counter-argument suggested he represents his corporate donors and is a rare presence in this area of his district. Now Walden’s party is in the minority. Please keep us posted on how helpful he is to the citizens of District 2 who reside within your paper’s circulation area. As a back-bencher, does he live up to your reasons for endorsing him?

Sam Alvord


American the beautiful

On this Thanksgiving day I am feeling that our America is heading into a storm. In my America when a journalist is slaughtered and chopped to pieces the leader of the greatest nation in the world does not side with the country that the world knows murdered this man. What does that say for us as a nation?

Now the president is telling Justice Roberts how a court should be run. He has set himself up sitting pretty with the appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general. Ivanka and her “not knowing” about emails on her server. Where is the “lock her up” chant now? True patriotism does not fear or exclude understanding the patriotism of others. God bless America.

Ron Cavalli


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