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Letters, Nov. 28

Last gasp?

There, he finally said it, Wednesday, Nov. 21.

Fearless journalist Leonard Pitts said in so many words, “GPO cannot win without cheating.”

This seems especially evident in the Deep South, where gerrymandering, vote count fraud, voter intimidation and “lost” provisional and absentee ballots tend to remain major problems.

This is the classic, straight from the history books, Jim Crow politics Southern states are infamous for, and it seems the problem is still in some of them.

Is this a return to Boss Hogg skullduggery or the last gasp of the old guard?

Stay tuned.

William J. Mac Bean

Central Point

A new low

It’s no wonder that Trump is supporting the Saudi crown prince in regards to the Khashoggi murder. They both want to silence the media and believe that any media coverage that is negative about them, albeit true, is an outrage.

They just have different ways of silencing the press. One revokes a press pass. The other has the journalist murdered.

They are all too similar.

Trump’s recent speech supporting the crown prince has brought the administration to a new low (can it go any lower?).

Tom Dimitre


The Trump message

How Trump lovers can justify his daily actions is beyond comprehension!

Since his inauguration, on a daily basis, he has denigrated every adversary, every situation, every law he disagrees with. His tone, actions and character are utterly appalling to anyone with common decency and who cares about the messages our leaders send and exemplify, especially to our youth !

Do Trump lovers really want their children to look up to this horrible person? What is it that people see in his leadership that can be praiseworthy?

Like them or not, Obama and Carter we’re men of dignity, presidential, and leaders to emulate. Trump is tearing us apart, and any Republican who cannot see that is blinded by his carnival TV show. His whole schtick is to accuse the other side of what he has been accused of; a sad attempt at mass confusion. He has no business leading us, setting examples for us or determining our future. He just destroys for the sake of himself and his warped perception of how things should be. Do you really believe Fox is the truth and all others are lying? “Fair and Balanced”... now that’s rich!

Paul Safady


Wow, what a band

Congratulations to the Grants Pass High School marching band for their outstanding performance on TV in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. These band members had to practice in the heat of the summer and endure the smoke from the many wildfires. Finally, on their big day in the Big Apple, they had icicles hanging from their musical instruments. Hats off to all these musicians.

Jack Shaffer


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