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Letters, Nov. 27

Pundit has head in the sand

Michael Barone’s Thanksgiving column raised his usual foolishness to the point of cruel insensitivity.

“Are things really so bad?” he wonders, then compares the 110,000 Americans who perished in one year of World War I to the 11,000 killed in the past 18 years in Afghanistan and Iraq. Maybe he should ask the families of these 11,000 casualties (and of those still serving in harm’s way) how things are for them, since he’s incapable of imagining their ongoing anguish.

He recalls the mass murders of Hitler and Stalin before asserting that none of our current struggles presents an existential threat and wishing us a Happy Thanksgiving. Maybe he should ask the homeless survivors of the recent conflagrations in Redding and Paradise how things are for them and whether they can possibly conceive of a happy Thanksgiving. Or whether they have something to tell him about the existential threat posed by climate change. Besides the obvious — drought, fire, sea-level rise — maybe Barone needs to read your front-page article about its impact on male fertility.

Earth to Michael: 11,000 men and women dead is never cause for thanks, and we on this planet are in an existential struggle for survival.

Ed Miller


Why not?

Costa Rica, a Central American country, has health insurance that covers all residents but is not a rich country. The United States is the wealthiest country in the history of the world and does not. Why not?

Frank Hieber


Thanks to AllCare

At this time of year, when we reflect on our many blessings and give thanks, I’d like to highlight and commend the extraordinary generosity and community support Rogue Community College and our foundation have received from CEO Doug Flow and AllCare.

In response to our need for equipment for the health occupations training center on which construction begins in 2019, AllCare has increased its original $300,000 donation to $500,000, making them the single largest donor to this terrific 35,000-square-foot facility which will improve opportunities for state-of-the-art training.

AllCare is well known throughout Southern Oregon for “walking the walk” with community support. With Doug Flow, the conversation always begins with “how can we help”? I know many will join me in thanking this great organization for its good work supporting improved health for us all.

Thank you!

Judy Basker, executive director, RCC Foundation

Grants Pass

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