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Letters, Nov. 23

Just common sense

We need to use the word “houseless” for those unfortunately on the street. Everyone has a home and that home is Earth. We humans must recognize this and nourish and caretake our beautiful planet. If we don’t wake up to that, ah well!

Jill Iles


Pot psychosis

I’d like to thank the Medford Mail Tribune and its staff for publishing the excellent article on Adolescent Cannabis (pot) Psychosis in the Sunday paper. The article shed some new light on the effects of adolescents smoking pot.

This seemingly safe drug might not be as safe as Joe Public might think. Could this be the reason the feds are against legalization?

I wonder what the studies on cancer rates will show with use of this “medical miracle”. We will know in five to 10 years. Seeing that the fathers of medical weed in both California and Oregon died from lung cancer, I’d lay money that it’s as deadly as tobacco.

To bad that people are profiting from its “miracle health effects.” I’d also bet that in five to 10 years after many deaths that any advertising will need to be accompanied with a warning label similar to the one cigarettes carry now.

Chuck Brook


Older than dirt

I was 12 years old when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. We lived one mile from the Pacific Ocean, in the Bolsa Chica area of Orange County, California. I have seen blackouts, ration books, heard ack-ack guns shooting and seen the flames from them, not knowing if the Japanese would keep coming and attack us. Thank God they didn’t.

I have also seen our great country get together and work together, I have seen complete cities built in the matter of months. I realize that was wartime; just think of all the great things that could happen if we could all get together now. Quote from Rodney King:

Can’t we all just get along?”

Donna Lehnhardt


Pray for Medford, too

The article in the front page of the Mail Tribune about the drought in our area was an eye opener. We really have had a lack of rain and need quite a lot more to fill our dams and aquifers.

From what I read about the last precipitation season, we ended 7 inches below normal and that means we are lacking a whole lot of water. I say all this to alert us to the fact that we could have some bad fires here in our area if we are not careful.

The best times to put out a fire is as soon as it happens. We the people are the eyes, ears and nose of the Fire Department, so keep them informed. Let’s remember what the Mail Tribune said on the front page a few days ago, “Pray for California.” Now we can do the same for Medford.

Gordon DeVos


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