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Letters, Nov. 22

Hail, Nancy

Well, I finally was able to “86” my smartphone. Turns out it wasn’t that smart, it’s full of lies, deceit, deception and false information, especially the news on social media. It’s like a metaphor for the tree of knowledge of good and evil the Bible warns us not to partake of. It seems to be trending mostly evil.

As one in the majority, I give thanks to the election that finally gives the majority the ability to control this so-called president.

I thank God that Nancy’s back. Nancy Pelosi, that sweet, little ol’ lady that puts the fear and loathing into the hearts of the Republicans. I’ve asked Republicans what Nancy did that was so bad. Turns out they don’t know or it’s because she is so good at what she does, like protecting pre-existing conditions in the ACA.

I think it’s because she’s a strong leader. It takes a strong little ol’ lady to herd the diverse cats in the Democratic Party and resist the man-child president.

Nancy fits the bill. Hail Nancy! There’s a lot of us out here that love ya! Young Democrats would be wise to heed her strength, it’s not time for a whippersnapper.

Steve Armantrout


Oppose Jordan Cove

I was relieved and grateful to read Allie Rosenbluth’s Guest Opinion regarding Jordan Cove’s pipeline plan, which was published Sunday, Nov. 11.

The risks of gas leaks, fires and explosions far exceed any perceived benefit from Jordan Cove’s proposed project. We live close to the Cascadia subduction zone, already sliding 30-40 millimeters eastward each year as tectonic plates shift off of our Pacific Coast. We are overdue for either “The Big One” (8.0-8.6) or “The Very Big One” (8.7-9.2), an inevitable earthquake for which we are unprepared.

Furthermore, allowing Jordan Cove’s pipeline will increase our dependence on foreign energy and fossil fuels. Pipelines are notoriously leaky and irresponsibly managed; most leaks are reported by citizens and not initially addressed by oil /natural gas companies.

Although quick cash is tempting, this pipeline is dangerous to our entire region. Allowing it will be a grave betrayal to our present and future neighbors. Join me in opposing Jordan Cove.

Suzanne Schroeder


Don’t look away

Everyone knows someone who needs help. A child, a senior, a challenged adult. We have many nonprofit organizations whose mission is to provide that help, to accomplish and reflect the values that we as a society believe are important.

Once again, there are efforts afoot to put a casino in Medford. A casino that has been shown to be illegal, that has been unanimously opposed by our city councils, our county commissioners, our state and federal representatives and senators.

We’ve said no, and still they persist. We’ve illuminated that it would be an economic drain on our county, and still they persist. We’ve pointed out the lies, and still they persist. We know that if they succeed, those nonprofits providing help to our neighbors will be severely hurt.

They hope we will quit paying attention. They hope our attention will wane. If they succeed, if we look away, if we don’t care, who will pay for the damage to our nonprofits? Will it be the child, the senior, the challenged adult that you know?

Don’t look away.

BJ Fraser


Wake up, Congress

A lot of people are wondering if Donald Trump will ever become “presidential.” We should be more concerned that he has some type of mental disorder.

Is he mentally competent to serve as the president? He obviously is a narcissist. There is a possibility he has a narcissistic personality disorder.

Some signs include:

Talks about himself a lot.

Craves attention.

Exaggerates his achievements.

Believes he is special.

Has wide, fast mood swings.

Has a hard time talking to others.

Has a hard time taking others’ feelings seriously.

Wake up Congress. It is time to act.

Bob Williamson


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