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Letters, Nov. 21

Got gum, Chum?

When my wife and I visited a cousin in Penzance, England, several years ago, he recalled the generosity of Army GIs of World War II who were stationed near the Cornwall village. Since local families were under wartime rationing and children had little access to sugar and sweets, our cousin would approach these heroes with the phrase, “Got gum, chum?” Of course, these United States soldiers would generously hand out chewing gum and candy and other gifts in a spirit of goodwill. Many of these soldiers gave their lives in defense of this village.

Today soldiers have been deployed to border towns to defend against “The Horde” of young men, and in particular, mothers with infant children fleeing from poverty and gang violence of Central America. Our United States warriors are quite valiantly stringing up razor wire, doing their defensive duty. Maybe, just maybe, many of these GIs will see these poverty-ridden, defenseless people for what they are. And suddenly break out in generosity, reach through the shiny new razor wire and offer gifts of pacifiers and Pampers and popsicles. “Got gum, chum?”

Ralph Bowman

Grants Pass

‘Celebrate the Rogue’ a success

On behalf of the board of directors of Rogue River Watershed Council, I would like to thank everyone who participated in this year’s “Celebrate the Rogue!” fundraiser Oct. 20.

The event was more fun, entertaining and successful because of the foot-stomping bluegrass of Eight Dollar Mountain, a repeat performance by Seattle’s opera-singing fisheries biologist Gino Lucchetti, and the generous support of our event sponsors — Cascade Stream Solutions, Full Circle Real Estate, Huyke O’Connor Jarvis, LLP, Jacobson Thierolf & Dickey, PC, L&S Rock Products, M&M Services, LLC, Medford Water Commission, Neilson Research Corporation, Plant Oregon, Pronto Print, River Design Group, RH2 Engineering, and Watchable Wildlife Foundation.

The enthusiastic support we received from our sponsors, donors, auction participants and event attendees is a tribute to the important work Rogue River Watershed Council is doing to improve water quality, restore stream habitat, and engage local citizens and businesses on watershed health issues in Josephine and Jackson counties!

Bob C. Jones, board chairman and Brian R. Barr,

executive director

Central Point

Time to get real

In reply to Hal Frenzel’s erroneous statements of Nov. 15, please note the following statistics:

The federal government owns 49.9m percent of the public lands in California. The state owns 2.2 percent of the public lands. The total, for the mathematically challenged, is,52.1 percent. These totals are from the Property Rights Research organization. Their website is nwi.ord.

For comparison, the federal government owns 55.5 percent and the state owns 4.9 percent for a total of 60.4 percent of Oregon’s public lands.

And finally, “The Donald” has been in office for less than two years and not even he could have had an impact on the poor management of public lands in that time frame. Time to get real.

Jo. Rodrigues


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