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Letters, Nov. 20

We can do better

Look at the actions of our present world: violence, immorality, greed, intolerance/impatience with our fellow humans, rampant consumerism and the wasteful spoiling of the earth and its resources.

A holy creator condemns this behavior. But we have hope because our God is so patient with his people and desires all to reform and to live in peace and harmony before his return. So let’s all examine ourselves to see how we can do better.

God bless us all as we celebrate the joyous holidays.

John Mark Matson


Thank you, Good Samaritans

A big thank you to all the ladies and one gentleman who came to my rescue.

I fell Friday, Nov. 2, about 11 a.m. after leaving T.J. Maxx. A special thank you to the gentleman who called my family. The ambulance crew members were especially kind and helpful.

I’m recovering nicely.

D. Vosika


Trump’s slights hurt us all

Our veterans deserve an apology.

Nov. 11 was Veterans Day, when we unite to celebrate the role of veterans and pay respects to them for their unselfish service. But this year U.S. veterans had to repeatedly face disrespect from our Commander in Chief. I am so sorry.

Four examples come to mind.

Mr. Trump traveled to France specifically for an international tribute honoring our brave World War I soldiers. Then he mysteriously decided not to attend the ceremony.

In D.C., Trump also skipped the Veterans Day ceremony at Arlington Cemetery.

Over the last two years, Trump never appointed a chief information officer for the Veterans Administration, resulting in escalating system breakdowns. This month a check-writing glitch is harming 80,000 veterans who won’t get their monthly GI Bill check for housing.

Now 5,000 active-duty U.S. Army personnel are camped out on our Mexican border for an unneeded, unbudgeted, 45-day “mission,” dreamed up to rally Trump’s fans to vote. These soldiers have nothing to do, except try to keep warm in their tents and not miss being away from home on Thanksgiving.

These slights hurt us all, most deeply our military.

Julie Norman


North Koreans played Trump

When the armistice with North Korea was signed in 1953, President Eisenhower was informed that North Korea had held back some 200 American soldiers, those who had been belligerent and resisted while POW’s, and some critically sick or wounded. Their fate was execution, starvation or being worked to death.

We liberals know our history, conservatives no history.

The North Koreans played President Trump like the moron he is. Trump stating that the president of North Korea was a “Great Guy” will only be used as propaganda for North Korea when this country is forced to confront the nuclear threat.

At the height of World War II, Nazi Germany’s two-front war was costing them a thousand killed in action a day.

In China, blogs and local newspapers are touting how Chinese businesses can make money off the pending war between North Korea and the U.S.

Trump having insulted our allies and even Canada, we are on the verge of going it alone on a three-front war. Trump vs. socialist/Catholics of Venezuela (South America), Trump vs. Iran (Islam) and Trump vs. North Korea (China by proxy).

China is setting up Trump to be a Br’er Rabbit!

Mike E. Miles


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