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Letters, Nov. 11

Grab your lifejacket

Grab your lifejacket and look for the lifeboat! We are only part way through the dissolution and destructive part of our present 80-year economic cycle, and even more exciting times are yet to come. On cue, Trump has abandoned his Republican House overnight as he never associates himself with a loser, and he is trying to make a deal with the Democrats, cooperation for no investigation.

While the democrats may be tempted to make a deal with the loose cannon, destiny and the 80-year cycle will grind on in the end, with the internet and Mueller helping it to a fast conclusion. With the Trump administration almost exactly following the path set by Hoover, the stock market will recognize the debt bubble with a resounding crash, reinforced by the world denying the dollar in world trading.

Depression and super-inflation will be our lot with a hopeful recovery including removal of money from our elections and loss of peoplehood for corporations. These steps can lead the way to make the government for us, the people, truly treating everyone as equal, not just in words, and becoming a global example.

William Isely

Grants Pass

Nov. 8 editorial incomplete

I fully agree with your Nov. 8 editorial cautioning Oregon’s Democrat supermajorities in the state House and Senate to seek bipartisan solutions to our common issues.

Your final sentence would have provided a more complete picture of American politics today had it read, “So go to Salem, Democrats, and enjoy your new supermajorities. But don’t assume that control gives you the freedom to trample over the minority party, the way that Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan and congressional Republicans have trampled over Democrats for the past four years.”

Paul Falletta

Grants Pass

Money without borders

Capitalism, if regulated, is a fine socioeconomic policy and can be an honorable business ethic. But capitalism, if unregulated, is feeding grounds for the greedy and selfish that have no sense of honor whatsoever.

America’s capitalist heroes like W’s granddaddy, Prescott Bush, along with Henry Ford, General Motors, Rockefeller’s Chase National Bank and Standard Oil, ITT and others had no moral or ethical issues doing business with Germany’s Third Reich. With their investments, Hitler & Co. were, after all, certainly putting people back to work improving Deutschland’s infrastructure and economy, what with building railroads, internment camps, ovens and such. Might even have had a wall on the drawing board.

Steve Sutfin


Mini Marathon thanks

Each October, Central Point School District 6 demonstrates its commitment to student health by staging the Sams Valley Mini Marathon. The race was established in 1974, making it among the oldest distance races in Oregon, and with around 800 participants, it’s also one of the largest.

Last week, thanks to the extreme generosity of our community partner, West Orthodontics of Medford, the entire population of fourth- and fifth-graders from Central Point’s five elementary schools demonstrated their fitness mojo along Sams Valley’s backroads. Additional thanks to the Crater Cross-Country team, First Student, and the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department for supporting this extraordinary event!

Mack Lewis

Central Point School District 6

How to honor vets

When we first came to Jackson County in search of our retirement home I was pleased to see signs at county lines proclaiming honor to veterans. Since I am a veteran I felt a welcoming feeling.

We found a home and, during the paperwork phase, I asked how to apply for a veterans exemption. “We don’t do that here,” I was told. I have lived in California and Iowa for many years, two very different places, but both gave a partial property tax exemption. No signs, just action! Something to consider.

Dennis Slate

Eagle Point

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