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Letters, Dec. 7

Now I know

If Donald Trump can’t say something nice, he shouldn’t speak at all.

He said people cheat. Now I know how he got his votes!

Helen Donaldson


Coyote killing contest

I just learned that the Oregon Farm Bureau is hosting a coyote-killing contest in Eastern Oregon, and as someone who values Oregon’s wildlife, I am outraged! Cash prizes will be awarded to the so-called “hunters” who kill the most coyotes.

Coyotes are important to the ecosystem, and help farmers by preying on rabbits, rodents and other small animals that damage crops. Indiscriminately killing large numbers of them will do nothing to protect livestock, and in fact coyotes will likely respond to the mass killing by boosting their rate of reproduction. Of course, the contest also promotes a cruel and wasteful view of wildlife.

Contests like this are disgusting and in direct opposition to Oregon’s long history of protecting all animals from needless cruelty. Our wildlife is held in public trust for all of us, not just those who enjoy the thrill of killing as many animals as possible. Where is ODFW when our state’s wildlife needs protected from this garbage? I will be asking my state representative and state senator to support legislation in the upcoming legislative session to ban wildlife killing contests in Oregon once and for all as well as calling Kate Brown’s office about this shameful event.

Alissa Weaver


How not to make America great

In spring 2016, Trump campaigns in the primaries to “Make America Great Again.” Meanwhile, he and his organization are pursuing a Trump Tower in Moscow. At the same time, he was telling us, the American people, that he and his associates had no contact with Russians.

Thus, I conclude what he was really saying, back then, was that the real way to Make America Great is to create jobs and make money in other countries.

Now, we learn that he lied about his Russian dealings. Now, he claims it was all perfectly legal. Well, why didn’t you say that before? Doesn’t he understand that lies and cover-ups are the undoing of presidents and other “Great” men?

George Fribance


‘Healthy controlled burns?’

Last week, I went to bed with my window slightly open, hoping for some fresh air after a summer of being stuck in the house due to smoke. Twenty minutes after I fell asleep, I woke up coughing and I had a violent headache. Smoke was pouring in my window. It smelled like wood burning. I went out and looked around, thinking there was a fire nearby, but none could be seen.

Then I read the announcement in the paper about “healthy controlled burns,” which started on Tuesday. So now, in addition to the summer fires, I guess we must submit to fires year-round — even though by state law, no drift into town is permitted. Some advance notice would have been appreciated.

Jessica Bryan


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