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Letters, Aug. 30

Drip, drip, drip

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” Usually accredited to Joseph Goebbels.

Almost daily, there’s a letter to the editor that slams Rep. Greg Walden. It’s like an organized effort to besmirch Walden; a daily drip, drip, trying to demean him. Anecdotally they seem to be mostly from the Ashland area.

Those of us who appreciate what Greg Walden stands for and supports do not share the values that are expressed in those letters. He is a human being who makes errors, but represents his constituents well and supports the desires of the citizens he represents.

We need to see through the disparaging remarks and actually look at what Representative Walden has done for us, and support those values and policies that we all share, and he supports.

Gary Spires

Eagle Point

Ambrose resembles Breitbart

Liberal or conservative viewpoints in a column are fine, but Jay Ambrose’s writings resemble the extreme Breitbart “news.” For example, the special counsel is “crazy?” Mueller is “overreaching,” but how?

Trump’s former campaign manager and personal attorney have been convicted or pleaded guilty to felony violations, which may embroil the president. Putting Trump under oath is an “obvious perjury trap” because of “Trump’s misstatement mentality.” How is that entrapment? You’re supposed to tell the truth under oath, and if the president can’t, what does that say about Trump, not Mueller?

Ambrose dredges up “Clinton’s campaign corruption,” with no specific evidence, and ignores all of Trump’s misdeeds. Who is in power and has access to very sensitive state secrets? Not Hillary, Trump is! He and his staff use unsecured phones, email servers, and never caught Omarosa using recording equipment in meetings. Who else has recorded sensitive information? Russians that Trump met with, alone, in the Oval Office when he shared sensitive information with them?

The whole column made outlandish statements about our Justice Department without using factual evidence for support. I hope that the Mail Tribune will stick to legitimate columns from conservative and liberal voices that use verifiable information, not fake news.

Kevin Culhane


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