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Letters, Aug. 26

Vandalism on McLoughlin

Hiking up Mount McLoughlin last Saturday I came across a group marking the trail with orange spray paint. Pleasantries were exchanged, or I was, in their words, harassing them, it’s all perspective.

I’m guessing the problem arose when I tried to commemorate the day by getting a group photo of their party after they vandalized the wilderness area.

If you are afraid of getting lost and think that using spray paint to mark your trail is the answer, do everyone a favor and stay home. The result of their vandalism will be visible for years.

Use a compass, map, or GPS as a navigation aid, not spray paint. In any wilderness area we all need to tread lightly.

Mark Wood

Central Point

Sex crimes sentences

I would like to know why the disparity in sentencing when it comes to sex crimes? Whether these people are tried by the state of Oregon or the feds, it seems the penalties pale in comparison to the damage they cause their victims. For instance, Donald Courtney Biggs — feds sought a 15-year sentence for that guy. He was watching minors undress. These girls will never feel safe again. We need to stiffen the penalties all around!

Steve Ryan


Not hearing much

We’re not hearing much from Rep. Greg Walden, so I wonder how many people know he’s up for re-election. But this is a pattern Walden has adopted. He says little or nothing about his stance on issues. Then just before the election, he puts up very slick professional ads showing him wandering through an idealic rural scene. The ad talks about what a wonderful person he is.

He neglects to say anything about pharmaceutical companies being his top donors. Nor does he tell his constituents that he’s been very busy trying to eliminate their health care. Voters would need to dig deep to find Walden’s actions, especially his willingness to back policies that have, over the years, transferred wealth from ordinary hard-working people to the pockets of the very rich.

Julia Ryden

Central Point

Parties worked together

In response to a letter Aug. 20: Ron Constable correctly states under former President Clinton, our nation benefited from the balanced budget.

This feat was accomplished by cooperation of the Clinton administration and the Republican-held Congress, lead by Newt Gingrich. Both parties worked together. left and right cooperating through true leadership.

Marylata Elton


Manage the forests

How many hot, smoky days must we endure before the “tree huggers” are convinced their views on forest management are misguided? Protecting the spotted owl was commendable, but now the spotted owl hasn’t a habitat due to the burned-out forests.

Let’s hope common sense will prevail once again so that trees will be harvested. Timber sales have been suppressed in recent years. As a consequence, many logging and wood products companies were forced out of business plus we’ve had countless out-of-control forest fires.

Was it necessary to import lumber a decade or so ago? Did we have to curtail summer outdoor activities due to unhealthy air and smoke from surrounding forest fires? We are likely to be astounded at how much these fires have cost individuals and businesses in addition to horrendous fire-fighting expenses.

Wouldn’t it be helpful to use comparable money for preventative forest management? Forests and grasslands need to be managed to the point where wildfires won’t burn as hot nor as fast. Instead of closing access roads, let’s keep them maintained for future use (fire prevention, thinning trees, and emergencies).

Robert and Joanne Wilcox

Central Point

Children of our valley

Just read that Medford has been ranked third in 25 cities in the nation as the worst place to raise a child. Is this what happens when the progressives are in control? We can make a difference — at the ballot box. Please, study the candidates and the measures listed on the ballot and vote, and vote in every election.

Ella Cross


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