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Letters, Aug. 24

Playground memories

The My View of Gary Nelson regarding Bear Creek Park Playground (Aug. 15) brought back memories of our two grandchildren. In 1991 our 3-year-old grandson and his 7-year-old sister visited us for several days without their parents. Of course we visited Bear Creek playground several times during their visit.

They both just loved “the creek,” as well as all the wonderful structures on which to use their imaginations. When their parents came to take them back to their home in Fresno, California, our grandson started raving about going to Bear Creek Park and said “it’s even better than Disneyland!”

Lois Dodson

Central Point

Let there be light

Although our most important safety concern is obviously for our firefighters putting their lives on the line, I have one additional concern. Would everyone please drive with lights on during our smoke siege?

Jackie Greer


Trash pickup

Not only has Rogue Disposal alienated its customers by extremely limiting anything (four items) that can be thrown in the big red bin provided for the monthly fee, but now they are wasting money, gas and manpower sending smaller trucks (with two staff per truck) that stop at every red bin just to lift the lid and eyeball it.

They just lift the lid and glance. Anyone could put unpermitted stuff on the bottom, and some pieces of corrugated cardboard on top.

We understand it is not their fault that other countries no longer want America’s trash. But since most trash now goes in the black bins, wouldn’t a more efficient business plan be to make the red (larger bin) the trash bins, and the black (smaller bins) the recycle bins for the four permitted items? It’s not hard to crush empty corrugated boxes with your feet!

Silly me, this way many customers will have to request larger black bins at a higher monthly cost, while their larger red bins are usually only one-quarter full.

S. and J. Davey


Is POTUS a genius?

POTUS recently stated that California could suppress wildfires if they did not waste water by allowing it to flow to the ocean. I assume this statement applies to all Western states. Fire officials deny this, but what do they know about firefighting compared to POTUS?

Assuming POTUS is capable of rational thinking (he is “like really smart”), then the only rationale would be to dam all rivers and pump water through massive irrigation systems to sprinklers throughout all wildland areas. Everything would be green, so no fires.

Another option would be to build these dams very high, say 2,000 to 3,000 feet. So much area behind the dams would be flooded that fires could not spread.

POTUS could still get McDonalds filet of fish as this fish does not come from rivers. Irrational statements from POTUS require the same response from “lowlife” American citizens like me.

Dennis Hammond

Eagle Point

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