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Letters, Aug. 22

Disappointed in Merkley

Watching Senator Merkley’s recent KOBI interview was a disappointment. He had an opportunity to step up and support doing more in our forests to prevent these fires, and took a pass.

The tools he claimed to support do not even work here in Southern Oregon. Worse still, despite what he said, he voted against them when given the opportunity. Sad.

Clearly he is more interested in running for president than in representing Oregon in the Senate. Maybe he would feel differently about the need for more tools to thin our forests if he spent less time campaigning in Iowa, New Hampshire, Texas and California and more time here suffering through the smoke like his constituents in Southern Oregon.

Indra Nicholas

Grants Pass

The result of hot air

Could it be that much of our global warming is the result of all the hot air being spewed every day by our educated, self-proclaimed climate experts? If the government can do a better job of running our business, what seems to be the problem? And how is that “eco-tourism” thing working out, folks?

Maybe it’s time for everyone to get real and just admit there are too many people on this planet. If humans are supposed to be the smartest creatures on earth, why can’t we solve this dilemma? Could it be that so many of us confuse an education with real intelligence? Perhaps we have simple overstayed our welcome and are just circling the drain; a litter faster every day. Reality is tough to swallow, but it’s real.

Maybe we can all just drink wine and smoke weed till it’s over.

Russell D. Gillette


Lower the PERS burden

Our beloved officials have come up with a great idea for $95 million in bonds for a population of approx. 20,000 . Not that there are not some needs.

It is always amazing how our officials come with ways to spend your money. Oregon ranks amongst the highest in government debt ,around $100,000 per household for the PERS retirement program which, by the way, they put you on the hook for; aren’t they worth it? And which our property taxes pay for. It is so easy to institute great ideas on the backs of others, why not lower the PERS burden on those you have placed it on, then maybe it would not be so hard to look at the needs that you impose on us.

Ken Digness


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