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Election Letters, Sept 28

Sickler’s support

How was Nate Sickler chosen Jackson County sheriff?

When the job became vacant in early 2017, the three Republican county commissioners set up a citizens’ panel that interviewed the six applicants for a full day.

Sickler stood out for his knowledge and professionalism. Five of the six panelists voted to recommend him for the job, including Jackson County District Attorney Beth Heckert, former Medford Police Chief Tim George, Jackson County Health and Human Services Director Mark Orndoff, Racial Equity Coalition member Amanda Singh Bans and rural resident Rick Mendenhall.

Sickler’s opponent in this November’s election, who had not served in law enforcement for 10 years and was often vague in his answers, was not even among the panel’s top three choices. Then the county commissioners interviewed the candidates for another full day, and unanimously chose Sickler.

Nate Sickler has support across the political spectrum simply because he does his job well.

Matt Witt


Walden’s reply

Thanks to Rep. Greg Walden for his reply with all the information (31 days, 2,050 miles, 29 meetings, 12 counties, 14,408 messages responded to) in our recent email about his work. This is in sharp contrast to recent letters in the MT implying that he is not to be found anywhere.


In his email, he expressed criticism of “certain content and opposing ideas and viewpoints” that are being “blocked, censored, or removed,” but made no mention of inflammatory lies made by Trump and his minions.

Why is this?

J. Quesada


Vote yes on 106

Oregon taxpayers have paid for over 52,000 abortions in the last 14 years and spent over $23 million (Oregon Health Authority). And the vast majority of these abortions are the choice of the woman, not necessitated by any medical emergency (Guttmacher Institute).

Her choice is a tragedy — obviously for the unborn child, but also, in the long term, for the mom. She has the legal right to make that choice, but Oregon taxpayers have no choice — we pay for her abortion. As an Oregon taxpayer, I object to being forced to pay for her choice to abort her child.

Ballot Measure 106 stops the use of our tax money to fund elective abortions. It does not ban or in any way prevent the woman’s choice, it simply stops tax money from paying for 10 elective abortions every day.

Read the measure and join me in voting yes on Measure 106.

Bryan Platt

Eagle Point

Vote against Republicans

The 2018 mid-term elections are nearly upon us and so it is never too soon to consider how you might cast your vote. Here’s a straightforward guide that just might make this task a bit easier.

If the candidate has an “R” behind his/her name, vote for their opponent.

If you’re like the over 90 percent of Republicans who obediently support Donald Trump, then by all means follow your man over the cliff. But for those of you who take the time to be informed by reading newspapers and national publications, this should be the easiest voting decision you’ve ever made. The only way to stop Trump is to vote out all Republicans.

And Greg Walden? His utter silence on DJ Trump has been deafening. He has exhibited no principle, no leadership, and no backbone. He is particularly guilty by association and has richly earned his constituents’ no vote!

Alexander Pawlowski


Support Kochlacs for judge

During my almost 25 years working with the state of Oregon, I had the opportunity to work with Charles Kochlacs in the Juvenile Court system in Jackson County.

Charles has worked tirelessly to help Oregon’s most needy families and he understands their need for fair representation. He also has a broad understanding of the challenges facing our criminal and civil courts today. I witnessed first-hand how Kochlacs is one of those fine court-appointed attorneys who could maintain a respectful and thoughtful perspective and see the bigger picture when it comes to Oregon’s most at-risk and vulnerable populations. Beyond that, he has 30 years’ experience all manner of arenas of our county court system. I am thrilled to learn he is running for judge in our circuit courts, and urge you to vote experience, vote Kochlacs for judge!

James S. Hutchinson


Sickler the clear choice

I have known Nate Sickler professionally and personally for many years and have always been impressed with how he leads others in the most professional, competent and humble way. Nate has always had a knack for lifting others up around him while taking little credit for himself.

Nate has the best of leadership qualities which makes him easy to follow and emulate. Nate has always been well versed on modern police tactics, best practices, training and law. Nate is the leader who is known for not asking his subordinates to do anything he is unable or unwilling to do himself.

Nate is a highly skilled law enforcement professional who performs in the most complex and dynamic situations with the competence and confidence to constantly reach positive outcomes.

Please join me in voting Nathan Sickler to continue his service as Jackson County sheriff.

Ben Fazio

Eagle Point

No on meals tax

Please understand the symbiotic relationship between restaurant, retail and lodging businesses in Jacksonville. Local businesses rely on the success of each other in order to enjoy a stable economy. Profit margins are tight.

The explosion of internet platforms for retail and lodging further squeezes many businesses. Increased costs from suppliers, personnel, taxes and other required services take their toll. The average consumer only sees the initial cost of their purchase, not the net proceeds.

Adding yet another layer to the mix only further stresses the situation. Perhaps a city-wide sales tax affecting all businesses here could be implemented. Then the lifestyle we enjoy would slowly fade away, along with most businesses.

This sounds extremist, but things like this have a way of taking on a life of their own once the proverbial foot is in the door. Vote no on the meals tax!

Linda Graham, Scheffel’s Toys & More


Vote Davis for judge

I encourage a vote for Joe Davis for Circuit Court judge. Joe is dedicated to our community, with an outstanding background of good judgment and respect for the law.

He is well trained and exceptionally competent. In this age of questionable character of those serving in government, we must vote for men and women with strong values who will serve the community with honesty and integrity. Joe is such a man.

I have known Joe since his childhood and truly respect his person. Please join me in voting for Joe Davis for Circuit Court judge.

Lynne Forsyth


Replace our congressman

Since Donald Trump became president, political observers have noted that many of his decisions, actions, and policies have been unprecedented. There might be a very similar word that describes the effects of Trump’s behavior on our nation.

After Inauguration Day 2017 the American people have been “unpresidented”; we have not had a fully functional and mentally competent leader in the White House since President Obama retired. This unprecedented and unpresidented situation is appalling enough on its own, but has been made considerably worse by Republican members of Congress who persist in pretending that the president is fully functioning and mentally competent.

Because we can’t elect a new president until 2020, we must focus on the upcoming November election, and choose new members of Congress who have the integrity and courage to confront the reality of the disaster in the White House. It’s time to replace our current congressman. Please vote!

Victor Mlotok


Say no to McLeod-Skinner

Please check out the April 29 letter to the editor by the former chairman of the Phoenix Urban Renewal Agency. The former U.S. Air Force colonel is a Democrat who worked with Jamie McLeod-Skinner before she was fired as Phoenix’s city administrator. He states, “I found her insulting, condescending and not a team player. Perhaps that is why she was fired after a few weeks.”

This Democrat went on to write, “As a former U.S. Air Force colonel, I represented an office within the Secretary of Defense on Capitol Hill and had interaction with members of Congress for several years. If elected, Jamie does not have the personality to be effective in Congress and would be ignored by her peers.”

We can learn from Phoenix’s mistake. Just say no to hiring Jamie McLeod-Skinner. The 2nd Congressional District and Oregon deserve better.

Charles M. Heauser


Vote for Walden

Little is worse than making important decisions based on misrepresented facts and lies.

I can tell you from talking with Congressman Walden that he sincerely cares about issues we face locally everyday. He advocates for farmers, stands with loggers, helped eliminate the Obamacare mandate and voted for the tax cuts, which put more money in the pockets of most everyone reading this letter.

Greg is about preserving freedom in the lives of all Americans as it truly should be. That is a fact.

Conversely, my experience with his opponent is absolute opposite. Her management style during her short time as city manager in Phoenix was demonstrable to city staff. Their public testimony was heartbreaking.

I stand with the integrity of our staff in Phoenix whole-heartedly, yet she smears their reputation to this day. This is also a fact. Vote Greg Walden for Congress!

Terry Baker


Check her record

Jamie McLeod-Skinner through the eyes of a former Phoenix city councilor and 60-year Oregon resident:

Jamie’s experience consists of working in the public sector. Her career is largely made up of time in California. An environmental planner. She was described as “insulting and condescending” by a former military colonel who worked with her where she was fired as city manager. At least six jobs in the last four years.

What public company today would hire someone recently fired to lead their company? None. So should Oregonians put someone like Skinner in to represent them to the entire United States? No!

I do not need another heavy rooted Californian that talks and says all the right words before election speaking for me. Check her record. I also suggest to Representative Walden that this rookie not be allowed to dictate terms of any debate, that right should be earned.

Gary Reed


Elect Kim Wallan

In this era of intense partisanship, voters need to dial down the rhetoric and focus on a candidate’s background, personal competence and preparedness for public office.

In the race for District 6 State Representative there is a real contrast between the candidates. Kim Wallan is remarkably well-qualified. She is a trained attorney (Willamette Law, 1983), who practiced law for four years before staying home to raise three children.

She volunteered for years in leadership roles in youth-related activities and organizations. More recently she served on the Medford School Board (2011-’15), and is currently a member of the Medford City Council and president of MURA.

Kim has the character and capability to be a highly effective citizen law-maker, not a politician representing a faction. She will be an intelligent voice promoting sensible regulations and tax policies when Oregon desperately needs fresh leadership.

Elect Kim Wallan District 6 state representative.

Will Reishman


Jensen for Ashland council

I’ve known Stephen Jensen for many years. We first met when we were both high school teachers in the valley and he impressed me a great deal. He was a dedicated educator, had great people skills, and worked well with staff and administration to enhance teaching and learning at the school.

Stephen’s broad experience in local government shows his commitment to community. Stephen values common-sense approaches to complex issues affecting the future of our city and seeks to find common ground. He listens well and has the unique quality of coming into a conversation with an open mind, free of a pre-set agenda. Besides being perceptive, Stephen is humble, compassionate, honest and respectful.

Please support Stephen Jensen in his bid for Ashland City Council. Stephen represents the values that make Ashland the unique, caring place we Ashlanders call home.

Arnold Bleicher


Elect Steve Jensen

Ashland is fortunate to have Stephen Jensen as a candidate for City Council.

I have known Steve for many years and have always been impressed with his insightful interest in our community and his willingness to put his time and energy into making Ashland the great place it is. I have volunteered for years with the Southern Oregon Brain Bowl competition that he leads. I have seen first-hand the way he works with others for this event, his attention to detail, and his inspiration to young people and his ability to connect with them.

In his short tenure on the council, he has brought these same qualities. Let’s get Steve elected this fall!

Kevin Talbert


Endorsing Dyer

I am writing in support of Rick Dyer for county commissioner.

As an independent voter, I am not swayed by political rhetoric nor partisan politics; instead I look at a candidate’s credentials, history and values, and make a decision based on how he or she will help local issues that I am concerned with. I have known Rick Dyer for seven years, and have no doubt that he is knowledgeable and concerned for Jackson County and its citizens.

As an educator in Southern Oregon, I see first-hand how families struggle to meet basic needs, and I’ve expressed concerns with Rick. He has his own student in the Medford School District, and is fully aware of the challenges that families and students face.

He is a family man, taking time out of his busy schedule to coach youth sports and advocate for education. I am proud to call him my friend, and I’m proud to endorse him for county commissioner!

Amber Warren


Jensen for council

I am writing in support of Steve Jensen’s candidacy for the Ashland City Council.

I believe Steve has the attributes that we all value in our public servants: He cares deeply about his community, he is open-minded, he listens and probes to learn more, and he is thoughtful and measured in his judgments. He was a teacher for many years and he has a history of civic involvement and volunteering.

He has my vote. I hope he has yours.

Alan Steed


McLeod-Skinner listens

A panel including Jamie McLeod-Skinner spent 90 minutes discussing health care recently. I was struck as Jamie listened to physicians as she sought to understand the health care crisis facing our nation. I observed a candidate fully engaged with the issues facing our community.

In contrast, Greg Walden has $4 million from all the special interest groups that influence his votes. Greg is a good man who I have voted for in the past, but he has lost sight of his district and our needs.

His commercials are slick. His legislation, however, has included 50 times voting against safeguards for pre-existing conditions coverage. His votes reflect he is not looking out for us.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner, on the other hand, is criss-crossing our large district and winning votes one handshake at a time. As for me and my house, we are ready for a change. Vote for McLeod-Skinner.

Debbie McQueen

Central Point

Landt for Parks Commission

I have had the privilege of knowing and serving with Ashland Parks and Recreation Commissioner Rick Landt for the past four years as a member of the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission. Commissioner Landt has impressed me with his ability to listen well to a multitude of perspectives and process the information thoroughly to make inclusive and comprehensive motions, his extraordinary attentiveness in reviewing materials, and his careful preparation for meetings and study sessions.

I am truly grateful for Commissioner Landt’s willingness to continue to serve our community for another four years. Please cast your vote for Rick Landt for Ashland Parks and Recreation commissioner. His leadership and guidance are immensely valuable to our city and citizens.

Matt Miller, Ashland Parks and Recreation commissioner


Jamie is listening

I am writing to highlight one important and positive fact about Jamie McLeod-Skinner to show how much better a representative for our district she will be than Greg Walden. Jamie is listening and she is listening to a wide spectrum of people who make up our District 2.

For the past months Jamie, driving her Jeep, has covered more than 40,000 miles traveling the length and width of the district listening to the concerns and needs of the people. Walden, by comparison, has not appeared much in public and it seems he is most interested in focusing his work in Washington to mainly moving forward the president’s agenda at the expense of his District 2 constituents.

Jamie is a good and concerned human being who will represent us, the people in our district, and not the corporations. Jamie is a better choice for us.

Vote in November and vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

Cristina Page


Walden fights for you

Don’t buy the hype, Greg Walden cares more about the issues we regular people face daily than his opponent ever could or would.

She’s about as local as fresh fish in China. Her time lived in Oregon is very short. The way she treated her staff in Phoenix was vicious and sanctimonious and she continues to smear their good name to this day.

Greg Walden voted to cut your taxes and he is attacking the opioid epidemic aggressively. Greg cares about your safety, he cares about our forests, he cares about your personal liberties, and he cares about your personal rights. Vote Greg Walden for Congress!

Terri Baker


We have a choice

I and those I care about have suffered through a summer of fire and smoke, caused to a great extent by atmospheric pollution: the greenhouse gases that drive climate change.

Governor Brown with Senate President Peter Courtney and House Speaker Tina Kotek have vowed to bring proposals to the Legislature in 2019 for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. During hearings of the Joint House/Senate Committee, Republicans consistently argued against addressing this issue.

So in November’s election, we have a chance to elect candidates who will support reducing emissions and promoting renewable energy, as well as energy conservation. We need a state government that will help communities adapt to the changes forced upon us. Their proposals should address our transition to a clean energy economy in ways that are socially just and which promote rural economic progress.

Ken Deveney


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