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Election Letters, Oct. 27

Supporting Witt

I am writing this letter in support of Lanita Witt for Jackson County commissioner.

As both a mother and a mental health care provider in Jackson County, I am deeply invested in the health and well-being of the community and I am confident that Lanita is the kind of leader we need. Lanita is incredibly hard-working, intelligent and collaborative.

Lanita is passionate about the issues that matter most — health, safety, and the environment — and she has the capacity to deeply listen to both her supporters and her opposition to find creative solutions to problems this county faces. As a mental health care provider, I am particularly eager to see Lanita bring much needed innovation to the delivery of county mental health services to the most vulnerable in our community.

Shana A. Huseby, LCSW


Jordan Cove’s bribes

Pembina is funneling money to candidates, which is deeply troubling to me. Apparently they are now making grants to communities claiming how safe they are, and how good for business they will be. In addition they have sent $70,000 to The Chamber of Medford/Jackson County, which supports the project.

Even though the Chamber reports it was unsolicited, they were still happy to accept it. It must be no coincidence that shortly after this, Gomez, Dyer and Buehler received donations totaling exactly that amount from the Chamber raising the specter of “laundering” campaign contributions through the Chamber PAC to preferred candidates. Small wonder that Gomez, vice president of the Chamber, has been wishy-washy on the pipeline.

Jordan’s promotion blitz ignores the substantiated regional pipeline opposition. Voters should recognize bribery and vote for candidates that overtly and unequivocally oppose the pipeline.

Chuck Rhine


Greg Walden for Congress

I noted three negative letters regarding our representative in one day! Rep. Greg Walden has been receiving a lot of criticism lately, and I wanted to speak up in support of him.

Greg is from Oregon. He was born and raised in this district. He has lived in Oregon his entire life, and works very hard for Oregonians.

Greg takes his Oregon background to Washington, D.C., and gets things done! He consistently meets and talks with Oregonians in his district, finding out their concerns and working with real people to find solutions. Greg has been instrumental in bringing back fire relief for farmers, aid for the opioid crisis, positive changes to forest management, funding for the Klamath drought, funding for Secure Rural Schools, help for our veterans and aid to seniors.

Greg can effectively represent us, because he is one of us. I encourage you to vote for him in November.

Indra Nicholas

Grants Pass

Follow the money

Headline: “In public, lawmakers scold drug distributors. Come campaign season, they accept their cash willingly.”

Greg Walden says several hundred thousand dollars in drug company contributions has no effect on his actions in Congress. He chairs the committee in charge of drug price proposals. He hasn’t moved to allow Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices with distributors and he waited until just before this election to take action on dealing with the opioid crisis. Drug manufacturers are smiling.

Walden claims to be dealing with their greed but he actually enables their bad behavior while in charge of the committee that should have forced the drug industry to clean up its act. The drug companies get a good return for their campaign contributions. We need a new representative, Jamie McLeod-Skinner. Jamie does not accept drug company money.

Larry Cooper


A Golden opportunity

On Nov. 6, we have a Golden opportunity. Literally.

It’s our chance to elect Jeff Golden to Oregon Senate District 3.

Jeff has that rare quality of passion without partisanship. Yes, he’s a Democrat. But he has rejected campaign money from all lobbyists, corporations and special-interest PACs, even those whose efforts he might support.

That decision, along with his background, words and actions, demonstrate why Jeff is the right person to represent the interests of all of us in the Rogue Valley. A vote for Jeff Golden is a vote to help create, as he says, “the Oregon we want for ourselves, our children and our communities.”

Please, don’t pass up this Golden opportunity. Vote for Jeff Golden for Oregon state senator.

Amanda Iles


Yes on meals tax

Jacksonville citizens: If you’ve done your job, attended the meals tax town halls and heard the research and professional expertise behind Measure 15-180, you know funding for our Police Department is not at risk. The City Council chose to shift $400,000 to other departments and to replace that amount by adding yet another surcharge to our water bill without our vote.

We have great police and other services. Our visitors and tourists enjoy and benefit from them, too. They can fairly pay less than 30 percent of them.

We love and support our restaurants. Why shouldn’t they help support our city by collecting (not paying) the tax? They’ll be paid for their part.

We’re too smart to fall for the myths in our “lifestyle magazine.” We can confidently vote yes on 15-180.

And, if you are unhappy with endless surcharges, run for City Council next time. Fresh ideas and energy needed!

Pat Gordon


Yes on 105

Illegal aliens working in Oregon almost certainly are either employed in the cash economy and paying no taxes, or are working with a fraudulent Social Security number and thus have broken another law. In either case, they likely take a job away from a legal resident.

Oregon has a housing shortage of many thousands of units, which drives up the cost to Oregon renters. How many illegal aliens reside in Oregon? Why should legal residents bear higher rental costs and very low vacancy rates in order to accommodate housing for illegals?

Those illegally entering our country have had no background checks, have had no medical screening and can’t legally work or drive in Oregon. Why should legal residents tolerate any level of sanctuary for any of this?

Let law enforcement honor our federal immigration laws. Ballot measure 105 — yes, yes and hell yes!

Doug Dusenberry

Gold Hill

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