Iraq: Our 51st state

There is a simple solution to our situation in Iraq. After spending close to half a trillion dollars, Congress should declare that for the money we spent, we actually "bought" Iraq. Any great nation that spends that much money on another nation rightfully "owns" that nation. This shall be called "The Bush-Cheney Intelligence Purchase."

This will make Iraq our 51st state! The solution: We don't have to pull out. We own the richest oil fields. Gas prices go down. Beer consumption goes up.

To honor the mastermind, after his presidential terms, G.W. Bush may be elected by "popular vote" the first governor of our 51st state. — A. Pelles, Eagle Point

It's making me ill. The list is endless. Chinese imports of pet food with toxins, my toaster, garlic powder. Many things at Bi-Mart, Wal-Mart etc. Clothing, knick-knacks, housewares (i.e., Kitchen Aid, Oster, Procter Silex) are made in China.

Even our dining room table and chairs were purchased without the store revealing that they were made in China. When they were delivered, we found "Made in China" stickers under the chairs. And now it's fish, snacks, toys, tires and even vitamin supplements. It's the selling out of America and jobs are being outsourced.

It makes me nervous because foods don't list the origin of products and the FDA isn't doing its job to monitor the imports. China closed 180 of its processing plants because of the chemicals in the food. Was this to show that they are aware of the scrutiny? Congress must act soon! — Kathy Eck, Jacksonville

In regards to the dog in Wisconsin who ate $750, the people were lucky the money wasn't counterfeit — he couldn't pass it. — Bob Stafford, Medford

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