The road to serfdom through the Church of Climate Alarmism

The Oct. 28 encyclical from Alan Cardinal Journet, local prelate of the Church of Climate Alarmism, SOCAN to the faithful, would have been better titled: “The road to serfdom and totalitarianism through climate alarmism.”

The cardinal outlines his goals by clearly showing where his totalitarian fantasy is heading. He explains, “The statewide coalition of climate organizations, in combination with health, social justice (Marxist) and labor organizations, drafted a set of outcomes ...” “to shift Oregon to a strong clean-energy economy where greenhouse gas emissions are capped ... ‘

“The program should impose economy-wide pricing targeting major emitters ...” and eliminates any concept of free-market exchanges forbidding “windfall (?) profits.” and employ party apparatchiks “those who have access to the jobs (created)” to be rewarded for loyalty to the party/church with power over those out of favor.

There are more fantasies therein, but the prelate’s plan for our serfdom in all of its socialist glory is there. He omits the absolute necessity of using force to make it all come true. Our task? Cede our freedom and funds to our self-anointed betters.

The economic collapse of the USSR in 1989 deprived the world’s totalitarian admirers of a working model for socialism.

Robert Heilbronner, an avid proponent of socialism at the New School for Social Research, New York City, candidly admitted, “Less than 75 years after it officially began, the contest between (free-market) capitalism and socialism is over: capitalism has won ... Capitalism organizes the material affairs of humankind more satisfactorily than socialism.” Later, Heilbronner admitted, “capitalism has been as unmistakable a success as socialism has been a failure.” Heilbronner also thought socialism could be re-introduced under the guise of “ecology.” Was that Journet’s cue? Has he accepted the baton in the relay race to serfdom? Why do these folks feel, in spite of the 100 percent failure record of socialism, they can make it work? I find the hubris revolting. Do you?

One has to admire the cardinal’s faith, obliviousness to both history and the laws of economics and his persistence in preaching climate alarmism while studiously avoiding the pitfalls of explaining the past failures of prior predictions.

When the prognostications of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), a political rather than a scientific body, fail, the goalposts are advanced. More like Silly Putty than truth!

Hasn’t the IPCC stated, “The climate system is a coupled non-linear chaotic system, and therefore the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible?” Doesn’t this contradict the cardinal’s creed?

These enviro-elites will destroy both our constitutionally recognized freedoms as well as the free-market system that has made our country the world’s leader in many fields using the excuse of weather control.

Some facts about free-market economies that seem to have been jettisoned from Journet’s Juggernaut:

The International Monetary Fund reports free-market exchanges have lifted billions out of poverty world-wide. Socialism — state control of industry — creates poverty, enslavement and deprivation in Venezuela, a resource-rich country.

Political freedom goes hand-in-hand with economic freedom. The cardinal’s plan will put all political power in the hands of a privileged bureaucracy, destroying our economic freedom.

Property rights, forfeited under socialism, have enabled individuals to become wealthy in countries that defend such rights.

Oregonians pay an average of 9.2 cents per kilowatt hour of electricity, the 44th lowest in the nation. Californians pay almost double that rate and some pay up to 37.34 cents per kwh. California costs are expected to triple over the next years as more intermittent sources (wind and solar) are utilized.

Intermittent sources of energy, wind, at 40 percent efficiency, and solar, hovering about 30 percent, are neither reliable nor able to be stored long-term. Savvy investor Warren Buffet exclaimed, “The only reason to invest in wind and solar is for the government subsidies.” Another redistribution-of-wealth scheme.

CO2 emissions in the U.S. dropped 28 percent since 2005 because of free-market exploration of natural gas, which lowered both the costs and the CO2 emissions of power generation. All without our signing any international treaties. Free markets work best.

A quick worldwide look shows that the most economically developed countries have the cleanest environments and the wealthiest citizens.

For accurate, up-to-date, web-based information, check “Watt’s Up With That,” and “Climate Depot.”

Why does our local Druid, Alan Cardinal Journet, want to offer us, our booming economy and our freedom as a sacrifice on the blood-soaked altar of socialism under the subterfuge of controlling climate?

Dennis V. Sinclair lives in Medford.

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