Free speech for whom?

I read in the Mail Tribune comments by U.S. Senate candidate John Frohnmayer, including his concern about the loss of free speech in the United States. Interesting. I recently watched a "demonstration" by university students broadcast on television as they disrupted a conservative person's attempt to discuss a subject they did not agree with. They threw items at the person and shouted her off the stage. That caused me to conclude the only free speech liberals appreciate is that of folks who agree with their left-wing attitudes. They appear quite happy to see free speech "go down the tubes" (quoting Frohnmayer) of folks who are not politically correct like them. — Jim Chambers, Medford

Please join me in supporting Dan Ross for county assessor. Having known Dan for a number of years, I have had the opportunity to see his character and integrity on display many, many times.

For the past 19 years, he's brought that dedication and commitment to the challenging and usually thankless task of overseeing the county's tax assessment process.

Along the way, he's given his time to causes he believes in, from missions work in Brazil to the local Gideons' ministry to quietly coming alongside those in need.

He is a humble, honest man with a servant's heart — the kind of person we all should hope is willing to serve in public office. Please join me in voting for Dan Ross. — David Preszler, Eagle Point

One percent of the American population (and over 5 percent of the African-American population) is behind bars and many other "free" citizens fork over hard-earned money and spend their weekends laboring for the "justice" system.

What sort of crimes are these people guilty of? Many have simply smoked or grown a green herb, been accused of slapping a girl's rear, or spoken to a police officer with less than sycophancy. In fact, it is now a felony to give a cop false information or elude one in a motor vehicle. And, Jackson County law enforcement, in all its branches, is the most barbaric that I've seen in my travels from New York City to Thailand to Japan to Sweden.

The treatment of inmates in the jail is abysmal! Poor people often end up there for tiny crimes, and because they can't raise bail, they spend months incarcerated.

Fellow citizens, take action to make our justice system worthy of this fine country. Write your county commissioners, especially David Gilmour, who I've heard to be a good man. — Sean L. Nelson, Ashland

Dan Ross has experienced some of the biggest changes and challenges Oregon has seen in the history of property tax. In his 19 years in office, he has worked on many statewide committees, served as president of the Oregon Assessor's Association, and continues to keep on top of the changes to make sure that we as Jackson County property owners only pay our fair share under the laws and statues of our state.

Dan brings years of history to the position, which allows for the positive improvements he has brought to the office. We have someone who is dedicated to this position and has served Jackson County well. Let's re-elect Dan Ross as our county assessor. — Curt Bennett, Medford

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