Oregon is a leader among the states in land-use laws that promote the general welfare of all citizens and the communities they call home.

The League of Women Voters of the Rogue Valley supports the statewide planning goals and guidelines adopted by the Land Conservation and Development Commission — protecting farm and forest land for present and future use, limiting urban sprawl and promoting air and water quality and energy conservation.

As county Measures 15-110 and 15-111 seek to undermine our state's land-use laws, we must recommend a no vote on May 15. — Lorraine Werblow, first vice president, LWV of the Rogue Valley, Medford

As a retired and transplanted attorney, I am particularly interested in the office of district attorney. Based on a preliminary analysis, my choice was Beth Heckert based on her experience and background. But after meeting her, I am now convinced.

I've been around long enough to do fairly well at distinguishing a politician from a true professional. Beth is not only a professional and very good prosecutor, but also a public servant with a real passion for her work and responsibilities. We are most fortunate to have someone with her qualifications to serve as our district attorney, a very important office for our community. — David Asche, Medford

The Mail Tribune ignored Rob Patridge's brief, lackluster record as a prosecutor while touting his short stints doing other jobs. Why? Clearly, Patridge is not a successful prosecutor but a politician out to politicize a nonpartisan office.

How would that work out? Let's look at another choice county voters faced in 2006: the professionalism of Medford Police Chief Tim George vs. the grandstanding of Sheriff Mike Winters.

Winters' "big ideas" were to restyle the cruisers and put prisoners in stripes. He then embarked on misguided legislating with the badge.

Ignoring some laws while challenging others has cost our county. The MT should know. They won one such case!

Funds Winters has wasted in court could have added another deputy to help solve a slashing murder on Ashland's bike path, but no worries! Winters has endorsed Patridge.

A far better choice for DA is Beth Heckert with 20 years of successful prosecuting. — Alberto Enriquez, Medford

How can the Mail Tribune endorse a candidate for district attorney who has such close ties with our congressional representative and the affluent 1 percent of residents of Jackson County?

As someone who has worked in Rep. Greg Walden's office, Rob Patridge is clearly interested in serving this county's affluent minority and would be unlikely to consider the well-being of the 99 percent. Let's face it, most of us are the 99 percent.

As district attorney, Beth Heckert, with 22 years as a prosecutor, will be a superb force for protecting the needs of our community. Look at her record. Beth Heckert will be a strong DA. Beth's focus has always been to serve all people of Jackson County rather than only the top 1 percent. I urge all voters to support Beth Heckert. Her expertise and concern for the welfare of all of us in Jackson County are what we need. — Anne Diller, Medford

Beth Heckert is the most qualified to fill the position of district attorney.

She has been with the Jackson County District Attorney's Office for 23 years, prosecuted every kind of case, trained and supervised other attorneys and has a good relationship with the police and social services. She has the endorsement of the outgoing DA, who is her boss. Vote for Beth Heckert, the best-qualified.

Why the Mail Tribune would endorse the least qualified is a mystery. — Jan Waitt, Ashland

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