I worked with the District Attorney's Office for 31 years — 14 of those years with Beth Heckert and three years with Rob Patridge. Like most lawyers out of law school, they start with no experience. It takes more than three years to learn to prosecute.

Yes, Rob made mistakes, like they all do. He was still learning when he decided to leave and become a politician.

I want an experienced prosecutor. Beth has been a prosecutor for 23 years. She has managed the office and supervised other lawyers for the past 14 years. We all know that public offices have to do more with less money every year. We need a trusted, experienced, working prosecutor and manager, not a politician who has his eye on his next career. — Retired Medford Police Detective Sgt. Roy Skinner, Jacksonville

I have practiced law in Southern Oregon since 1973, and I can tell you that the district attorney should be a professional prosecutor, not a politician. The district attorney needs to have the skill and experience to try and get convictions in the most serious cases. The DA also needs to be able to supervise deputy district attorneys in their prosecution of serious criminal cases.

Beth Heckert is, by far, the most qualified candidate to serve as our next district attorney. With 23 years experience in the DA's office, she is the chief deputy district attorney and a career professional who has tried the most serious cases brought by the DA's office.

The choice is clear: elect Beth Heckert, a professional prosecutor, not a politician. — Allen Drescher, Ashland

In these tough and challenging times we need a district attorney with experience. I have met Beth Heckert and her opponents. They are very nice people. My vote will be cast for the candidate with the knowledge and understanding to do the job, and get it done right. Beth Heckert has my vote! — Sandy Lighthall, Medford

Here's your chance. We all are sick to death of politicians, of their great ability to get elected and of their great inability to do what they say they will do. In the district attorney race there is a real alternative. Beth Heckert is competent, committed, professional, and caring. We should elect her to the office. — Sam Elliott, Medford

Be responsible. Vote for Beth Heckert, the best-prepared candidate for the post of district attorney, having served 23 distinguished years as a prosecutor with Jackson County, currently as chief deputy.

Beth has a singularly committed career honing vast experience from inside this demanding office. She is endorsed by Huddleston, the current DA. She will waste no taxpayer money having to learn the ropes. — Marilyn Briggs, Ashland

I find the reasons for your choice for district attorney to be very strange.

You admit that Rob Patridge has limited experience as a prosecutor, but then praise him for his alleged political "leadership ... reaching across the aisle ... building partnerships ... ." Blah, blah, blah!

To me, the DA has one job: putting bad guys away. His political connections should not overshadow his qualifications — or lack thereof — for convicting criminals.

I'm ignoring your political-connections nonsense and voting for David Hoppe, a man of convictions. He has a solid record of doing what a prosecutor is supposed to do: putting criminals behind bars. — Craig Callaway, Eagle Point

This is a letter in support of Beth Heckert for Jackson County district attorney. Beth is a superb attorney who has more than 23 years of legal experience handling myriad serious cases and trials. She knows how to get criminals off our streets.

Beth has dealt with budgetary, managerial issues as well as supervising and training other prosecutors. She is simply more qualified than her competition and will be a top prosecutor and not just another politician. We need Beth Heckert as Jackson County district attorney. — Shirley and Doug Noakes, Ashland

Congressman Walden states in the recent Oregon Voter Pamphlet "We don't have deficits because Americans are taxed too little."

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office has stated that federal revenues from 2009 to 2011 were about 15 percent of Gross Domestic Product. This is the lowest level since 1950, and is significantly lower than the 18 percent average in the past 40 years.

It is clear that federal revenues are too low today when compared to the levels that gave us prosperity in the past, under both Democratic and Republican presidents. Part of the drop in federal revenue was due to the Bush tax cuts. These were justified by stating that the economy would grow to make up the loss in revenue.

We all know that the economy did not grow, it almost collapsed. Our representatives cannot solve our economic problems if they present dogma rather than true and complete facts. — Marcus Heritage, Rogue River

As Jackson County district attorney since 1992, I know that the office of attorney general is an important one for our state. In the area of criminal justice, the Oregon Department of Justice provides legal assistance to local district attorneys, defends convictions in the appellate courts, provides victim advocacy services and much more.

Dwight Holton served for 15 years as a federal prosecutor, successfully prosecuting drug traffickers, Internet child predators and people who defraud families out of their homes. Dwight was appointed as interim U.S. Attorney for Oregon in 2010. As U.S. attorney, Dwight forged strong working relationships with law enforcement agencies and prosecutors throughout the state. Dwight has the experience Oregonians can trust to uphold the law and make our communities safer and stronger. Please join me in giving Dwight Holton your vote for Oregon attorney general in the May primary election. — Mark Huddleston, Medford

It is time that the Jackson County assessor, as well as the members of the appeal board who sit in judgment of our property values, be replaced! The existing group is made up of long-since-retired Realtors, not qualified appraisers, out of touch with declining residential real estate values.

The recently appointed (not elected) Josh Gibson's credentials are certainly not equitable to those of Roy Wright.

Roy has more than 30 years experience as a qualified real estate appraiser, has published a monthly home sales report for 20 years and therefore is familiar with current values.

We need an expert, experienced, qualified and skilled assessor for Jackson County in these changing economic times. Now we have a chance to vote for someone who is independent, knowledgeable and unbiased, and we can be confident that fair and equitable values will be placed on our real estate. — Kay Maser, Ashland

While out running errands the other day, I was confronted with all the campaign signs that seem to be growing in number every day. However, I was pleasantly surprised by one particular candidate for surveyor, who had opted away from the typical red, white and blue or smiling portrait type sign.

Instead I was presented with a sign that sported a very pleasing scenic view of our beautiful Rogue Valley, along with the simple Bradshaw for County Surveyor logo that seemed to fit well with the scenic image.

I have seen these same signs in other locations and appreciate that they are placed appropriately and show some thought and workmanship behind them. Many of the signs I see are hastily thrown up, lopsided or drooping, a kind of just-catch-my-name-and-vote-for-me message. Thanks for the uplifting change! — Heather Webb, Medford

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