It is very disappointing to see a candidate hailed as running a "positive campaign" by the press and then in the last weeks of the campaign "go negative."

I am amazed at the amount of campaign literature I receive in the mail or ads in the paper or on television that are innuendos, fear-based or taken out of context. This style of campaigning aligns with Stephen Colbert's tongue-in-cheek "March to Keep Fear Alive."

Me? I am going down the path of Jon Stewart's "Rally to Restore Sanity." Please voters, study the candidates and issues carefully. If you can't make it to the rally, check out www.rallytorestoresanity.com for local events today. Have some fun, but vote seriously. — Patti Busse, Ashland

I've known Rick Landt since the 1980s when he served on the Ashland Community Food Store (now Ashland Food Co-op) board of directors. As a director, he worked to keep the co-op moving forward by thoroughly analyzing the issues at hand and offering workable solutions. He was always willing to make the tough decisions and to forge a consensus that supported the co-op mission.

Rick is energetic, thoughtful, concerned about the environment and committed to working with others to make sound decisions. Rick has the knowledge and drive necessary to be a very effective parks commissioner. He will maintain and improve our great park system while being fiscally responsible for the citizens of Ashland.

Please join me in voting for Rick Landt for parks commissioner. — Richard Katz, Ashland

I was fortunate to attend Chris Dudley's town hall meeting in Medford over the weekend. Though the Rogue Valley stop was only part of a grueling statewide bus tour, Chris responded to tough questions and greeted people with an earnestness, humility, patience and enthusiasm that suggests he would be a great governor.

During this meeting Chris was asked about the accusation that he believed waitresses were overpaid. He vigorously responded that waitresses are not overpaid and he isn't against waitresses.

What a contrast to his opponent, who earned the nickname "Dr. No" for his imperious and polarizing behavior during eight years as governor and whose current TV ads are defamatory, divisive and deliberately misleading.

We need a governor who can lead, inspire and disagree without being disagreeable. We need Chris Dudley. — Hank Hassiepen, Medford

A candidate's campaign style will predict the way they will perform if elected.

Lynn Howe continues to show us just what type of legislator she will be. An anything goes style to win at all costs with repeated distortions of the truth will be an embarrassment to all Medford were she to represent us in Salem. I prefer the straightforward adherence to the issues of Medford by Sal Esquivel. He is an honest, hard-working person who is dedicated to the people of Medford. — Mike McDermott, Medford

The latest dismal unemployment rates in Jackson County and the state require voter action to reverse the worsening trend. The incompetence in Salem exacerbates the loss of jobs.

By voting for Dave Dotterrer — a new leader with real, practical ideas — we can actually do something to make a difference. Dotterrer is a retired Marine colonel who, as our state senator, will work to change our current course and make Oregon a sought-after place to live, work, and do business. He will create stability by keeping income taxes, property taxes, business and other taxes and fees at reasonable levels. Unlike the current "leaders" who have let Oregon's bright future slip away, Dotterrer is focused on revitalizing Oregon's future for all of us. — Kevin McDermott, Medford

I am disappointed in the campaign that Lynn Howe is running. She has personally come by our house and talked to us a couple of times during her campaign and she seemed genuine. Since then, I have been disappointed in the desperate and mudslinging campaign that she running.

Nowhere on any of the five mailings that she has sent us does she mention any of her qualifications. All she does is attack Rep. Esquivel! Does she have any qualifications? All I know is that she was once a nurse.

Also, who is paying for all of those fancy mailings of hers that keep coming to our house? It sure makes me suspicious. I am not taking any chances, I am voting for Sal Esquivel because he is the most qualified. — Linda Beskow, Medford

To stop the tea party from taking over Congress, anyone can go to MOVEON.ORG and make a few phone calls from home when it's convenient.

Your call might make all the difference in a few critical campaigns.

Remember, the Democrats are the ones who brought us Medicare, Social Security, the Civil Rights Act, the Family and Medical Leave Act, a 40-hour work week and more. All of those safety nets we have now to help us care for our loved ones and ourselves can be undone by what the tea party wants. — Jacqueline Rosen, Ashland

In the upcoming election there is a vote to amend the Central Point charter. This revision would prohibit the City Council from "coercing" the city administrator about performance and possible discipline of city employees.

This is wrong. The city administrator works for the citizens of Central Point and "our" elected City Council officials are our voices. There should never be a limit on what City Council members can speak to city staff about. I urge you to vote no to this amendment to the city charter.

I also support Kelly Geiger for City Council. His energy and vision for Central Point are what we need.

Thank you and work safely! — Walter Moczygemba, Central Point

Please join us in saying yes in support of the Ashland Youth Activities and Academics Levy.

Ashland voters have supported a version of this levy since 1994 and we encourage you to continue that support. The YAAL provides the Ashland school district with 13 percent of the annual budget. This money supports all aspects of the school district, including smaller class sizes, more teachers and core academic programs. Further, the YAAL continues to reduce costs for all participants in athletic, academic and arts-related activities.

The returns on your investment are obvious everywhere you look. The ASD graduation rate is well above average and over 80 percent of AHS graduates continue into college. U.S. News and World Report ranks AHS as among the top 3 percent of U.S. high schools.

Continued success in the Ashland School District starts with you. Please vote yes on Ashland's YAAL.

Thanks for your support. — Curt Bacon, Ashland

Karen Blair, a real estate broker, was born and raised in Medford. She is active in the community, serving on a variety of boards and committees including the Medford Budget Committee and the West Medford Community Coalition.

Karen is sincere, clearly has Medford's best interest at heart and wants to help business grow in Medford. A vote for Karen is a vote for the people of Ward 2. — Judy Adkins, Medford

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