I encourage you to vote for John Rachor for county commissioner Position 3.

I have known John for over 30 years. He has been a successful businessman, has generously supported many community organizations and has volunteered many hours with Search and Rescue. John is honest and has very good judgment. He is practical and works well with other people. John has a lot of common sense and knows how to get things done. These are qualities we want and deserve in our county commissioners. John will serve the county well and I urge you to vote for John Rachor for Commissioner Position 3. — Carl Krack, Jacksonville

I have known Don Skundrick since I was 10 years old. When I first started working with my father's small concrete contracting company, I knew Don as dispatcher and sales representative at Lininger's. Don is hardworking, honest, humble and energetic. As he rose in business, so did his contributions grow in the community.

Along with my contracting business, my family and I also operate Beebe Farms, a local fresh-produce farm operating in the county for more than 100 years. I'm all for buying local! But for local businesses to survive, more people in the county must thrive through more businesses and more jobs.

Don knows the valley and the organizations and agencies in it. He is a wonderful man to work with and always has been, since the days I first knew him.

No one has better character or background for the job. Skundrick for commissioner. — Dino Picollo, Central Point

Just a couple thoughts for the folks who are anxious to give the House and Senate back to the Republicans: "Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it." — Adolph Hitler and Karl Rove. And finally, "It's a terrible thing to see and yet have no vision." — Helen Keller. — Jean Strong, Medford

Measure 76 will continue the amazing track record of its predecessor, Measure 66, which was overwhelmingly passed by Oregonians in 1998, to dedicate 15 percent of lottery funds to parks and natural resources. This funding has enabled Oregon to:

  • Protect and restore 3,000 miles of our local streams, rivers, wetlands and natural areas.
  • Allow cities and counties to improve community parks, including building new playgrounds and athletic facilities.
  • Protect and maintain Oregon's 362-mile ocean shoreline as a public recreation area for all of us.
  • Provide grants to acquire Oregon's natural areas and critical wildlife habitat, like the 1,170 acres of our local Table Rocks.

Measure 66 will soon expire. Please vote yes on Measure 76 to continue to protect our treasures of water, parks and natural resources, and preserve thousands of family supporting jobs in conservation, construction and tourism. — Gaylene Hurley, Medford

Every few years the voters from within the Ashland School District boundary have the opportunity to say yes to kids and yes to a future full of hope. Supporting the Youth Activities and Academics Levy provides everything important to Ashland's students.

I don't differentiate between academic or extracurricular activities; these blend on campus and create choices that allow students to follow their passion and grow in a balanced way. The YAAL is our unique way to demonstrate our determination to provide a top-notch educational experience for our kids.

Our community gets its money's worth (AHS is a national top performer — top 2.6 percent in the nation). Please join me in supporting the YAAL. It is vital to remember the future is sitting in our classrooms today and this is a small way each one of us can make a big difference. — Jeff Schlecht, recently retired AHS principal, Ashland

I am very concerned with the direction Lynn Howe has chosen to show us how she will perform in Salem if elected.

Do we really want someone who makes personal attacks on her opponent using slurs and accusations that are not true? Do we want someone who is funded by outsiders who do not live in Oregon?

I will vote for Sal Esquivel; he is dedicated to the people of Medford and has proved that he can get the right things done in Salem. — Mette McDermott, Medford

My grandfather used to say, "If you can't get ahead without putting someone else down you don't have a leg to stand on."

If people running for office would simply share their views and the reasons they hold them they can count on me to listen and respond accordingly. When political parties slander those who hold opposing views it causes me to wonder. Maybe they don't even have a leg to stand on if they can't get ahead without putting someone else down.

I know no one can please everyone but I do know there are some who surely do their best to represent the people who elected them.

I would like to cast a vote of appreciation for Sal Esquivel as being one such person. A committed public servant and honorable man. — Annie Sorensen, Medford

Now the Howe campaign, continuing to not tell the truth about Sal Esquivel, has decided to attack his family personally. There is no place for this in Medford.

I guess when you hire political hit firms out of Washington, D.C., this is what you get. I say "no" to twisting the truth and "no" to personal attacks. Medford deserves better so I am voting for Sal Esquivel. — Azelie L. Coviare, Medford

The Phoenix City Council put the water hike on hold. Ha! The City Council could have listened to the residents, businesses, mobile home parks and done the right thing about the water rate hike on Oct. 4, at the City Council meeting. They did nothing but form committees for 90 days while all continued to pay the higher water rates.

It's only now, when three council members are up for re-election, that we get a change. It's all for political reasons.

Now is the time for a change and to remove all three council members, Herb Blum, Mike Stitt and Mike McKey. They are all running unopposed and are not listening to the people of Phoenix.

Write in Karen Jones, Bruce Sophie and Carolyn Bartell. We need people on the City Council who will listen and represent us. We need a new direction. — Carol Engle, Phoenix

If you want a city government with transparency, open communication channels and user-friendly forums, mark your ballots for Ruth Jenks, Eagle Point City Council.

After watching Ruth in action, I have seen first-hand how she researches the issues to find workable solutions. The City Council will have a new set of eyes, as well as a new set of ears. The citizens that go to Ruth with their concerns will truly feel heard. Ruth's active listening skills make her an approachable government representative.

Eagle Point is a wonderful community that will benefit from the strengths Ruth Jenks will bring to the City Council. — Tom and Sue Tschohl, Eagle Point

Some politicians talk of creating jobs. Don Skundrick helped create thousands of jobs in his long career with Lininger TruMix (LTM), now Knife River Materials. He also served on the board of Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development Inc. for six years, helping the community create thousands more.

Some politicians talk of local, sustainable food and water. Don Skundrick has served for years on the Medford Water Commission, which has created local jobs, harvested local timber and reduced fire danger to ensure a safe water supply for the valley heralded as one of the best in the nation.

Some politicians talk about organizations that support and grow our community. Don Skundrick has served on dozens of them, including nonprofit, governmental, extra-governmental and cultural organizations; working to enrich, expand and sustain our community.

Some talk. Others do. That's why I urge you to join me in supporting Skundrick for Jackson County commissioner. — Bonnie Tracey, Medford

These are serious times!

Our state is facing another $3 billion in cuts. The one-time federal money that the leadership in Salem used to balance the budget is coming to an end.

We need serious people in Salem who will not create more scare tactics and lies. We need someone that can navigate the traps in Salem. We need Sal Esquivel, not a novice, to watch out for us. We need the honesty of Sal Esquivel, not special interests. We need to vote for Sal Esquivel, a representative who works for all Oregonians. — Noel and Lovella Moore, Central Point

Seeing the "Pants on Fire" mailer featured on the front page of the Mail Tribune reminded me of why Sal Esquivel has my support.

He has a powerful commitment to supporting Oregon's veterans and military families. He proves it with action and results, not a lot of empty talk and broken promises.

I learned this first-hand when he championed the Oregon Military Family Leave Act, which balanced the realities of Oregon's military spouses who needed unpaid time off to spend with their soldier before or after they'd been to war, with the realities of Oregon's small businesses and employers. Not only did Sal introduce the bill, he worked tirelessly to see that it got passed quickly and went into effect immediately.

Sal Esquivel is a man of his word. That's a rare and precious commodity. It gets my vote every time. It should get yours, too. — Stacy Bannerman, Medford

I am so sick of Lynn Howe's dirty politics mailers! How I ever got on her mailing list I do not know. I have no use for her way of doing politics.

Please ignore her lies. If a person cannot get their views across any other way than being downright dirty, then she has no right to be a leader!

Please vote for Sal Esquivel, who has proved himself to be an upright leader for us. Sal has my vote. — Jeannie Gladson, Medford

I have known Jeff Golden for over 20 years and followed his career. As a consultant he has helped me with employee issues and I learned from his communication style. That same style is needed as a county commissioner.

In a partisan world, you could not ask for a better front man representing the county. His ideas are fresh, his heart is in the right place and his communication style is excellent. A vote for Jeff is well placed. — Buzz Thielemann, Medford

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