This year the cry went out to unseat all incumbents. In the case of Sal Esquivel, I couldn't agree more.

The only time we hear from him is election time. Oh, I almost forgot, he did go to Arizona. What did that do for the citizens of Medford he represents?

My vote is going to Lynn Howe. Lynn is bright, with lots of energy and cares about Medford and its future. Just the person we need to be our representative. She will work to bring more jobs to our area and support small businesses to access capital in order to grow. She will support our schools, which means better jobs and work with everyone on the new health care reform.

I urge you to vote for Lynn. I believe she will be the representative that will stand up for us and get things done in Salem. Not business as usual. — Jan Bailey, Medford

I am involved in Jacksonville's city government. It is my observation that things are out of control and/or not working in our citizens' short- or long-term interest.

We need four or five strong voices on our City Council, not only to change and/or resolve these critical issues, but also to lend support for Paul Becker, the current president of the City Council.

I respectfully request that you vote for the following candidates for City Council:

Dan Winterburn — re-elect.

Paul Hayes — Long-time resident; new blood.

Christina Duane — Two-year term; fills Linda Myers position.

Jerry Mathern — Returning councilman, write in (four-year term).

Please do not vote for anyone who is not on this list, unless you are sure you are doing the right thing for our city. — Art Krueger, Jacksonville

I got my act together and am, after being very discouraged, getting ready to vote in the November election.

I'm listening to, reading about, and watching the various candidates. I'm also trying to make some sense of the special measures being presented to the voters.

I'm a registered independent that tends to ignore party lines. However, as I look back over the past 10 years I see an eight-year Republican administration that left us in a war that has killed and maimed thousands of people. These same Republicans now claim that they are for fiscal responsibility while that same administration spent and borrowed enough to turn the United States into a pauper nation. These people seem to be for the rich and powerful and ignore the middle class and poor. No matter how good they look, why should I vote for any Republican? — Walter Wright, Medford

Dave Dotterrer is not the answer to Oregon's financial problems.

His background of financial management and budgeting for the Marine Corps in the Pentagon should be sufficient reason to question his claim of responsible fiscal management. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates has characterized the growth of Pentagon staffing as out of control as layer after layer of management has been added while the number of troops in the field has actually shrunk. There are now over 530 deputy assistant secretaries of defense and over 1,000 generals and admirals.

While these events may be above Mr. Dotterrer's pay grade, he was certainly there to participate and benefit from this largesse. Military budgeting is not what we need in Salem. Dr. Bates has the background, commitment and knowledge to help us in these difficult times. — Bill Gates, Ashland

Seniors awake! There's "liars," "damn liars" in our government Social Security Administration.

No inflation this year? My health care premium increased 45 percent in January. My homeowner's insurance increased 15 percent this year. My property taxes increased the maximum allowed (3 percent). Medford city fees increased: sewer 4.0 percent, storm drain 7.7 percent and street 17.7 percent. Gasoline is currently $3.099. Bought any cereal, fish or meat lately?

The one-party Congress and White House has spent trillions of borrowed money for bankers, insurance companies and stockbrokers but abandoned the seniors with the phony "no inflation" gimmick. I hope we are smart enough to reward them with unemployment. Oh, and don't call AARP for help. They are too busy selling insurance.

Please vote. But don't vote early. Wait to see what other good things Washington has for us and then select the ones to give pink slips. — William C. Riggert, Medford

West Medford deserves more. Karen Blair was raised and lives in West Medford and has new ideas and solutions to the challenges in Ward 2!

Mr. Truwe may be an expert on the history of downtown Medford buildings, but how does that help the neighborhoods? Residents of west Medford are in a daily fight to maintain the safety of their homes and property values due to a plethora of halfway houses and rehab facilities. In many cases, the rights of sex offenders and drug abusers seem to take precedence over the protection of children in Ward 2. What about the gang activity and drug traffic? Where's the interest, Mr. Truwe?

It's time for new eyes, ears, and voices. The future of Medford depends on it. Vote for Karen Blair for Medford City Council because people matter! — Greg Paul, Medford

I've known Jeff Golden for over 20 years. As county commissioner, he did his homework and listened to various viewpoints before making a considered decision on complex issues.

I admired his strong character when he faced the dramatic reduction in timber harvests which created such economic hardships for our community. His community involvement and broad experience with the issues facing Jackson County make him uniquely qualified to be a solid county commissioner. — Eric Dittmer, Medford

I've received at least five attack mailers from Lynn Howe since her campaign began. The first one was surprising, but they just kept coming.

Even after the Oregonian said she was not telling the truth about Rep. Esquivel, she kept saying the same thing. Does she think she will convince me when she doesn't even mention her qualifications or experience? Or does she just think she'll wear me down? This is not how we do it in the Rogue Valley.

Then I learned that she's using a big out-of-state marketing company, getting outside money, and that Rep Esquivel's position is being "targeted." I realized that she's not thinking; someone else is doing it for her.

If you vote for Lynn Howe you'll be encouraging her type of campaigning. Continue to vote for Sal Esquivel, he's done a good job for us in the past and will continue to do so. — Kathy Hathaway, Medford

This election we have the chance to elect a uniquely qualified leader as one of our Jackson County commissioners: John Rachor.

John is a native Oregonian, served our country in the U.S. Navy in Vietnam and ran a local business for more than 30 years. John employed hundreds of people in the local community. John is a very active member of Search and Rescue, donating his helicopter and time. In addition, John has generously supported numerous community organizations that have helped make Jackson County a better place to live.

John Rachor is the candidate for commissioner who has a plan for the future and a proven track record to get the job done. I might add, John would be fully dedicated to serving one job, listening to the people of Jackson County. This November, vote for John Rachor, who will be for all the people of Jackson County. — Louise Scherck, Eagle Point

Do you believe Social Security should be privatized or abolished? Should Medicare be repealed? Do you approve of the "doughnut hole" that impoverishes seniors?

Is health care reform that benefits you instead of insurance companies not needed? Should sick children and adults with pre-existing conditions be denied coverage?

Should the practices of financial institutions go unregulated? Is it OK for anonymous U.S. and foreign corporations instead of our citizens to elect our government officials?

Is a complete government shutdown, intentionally preventing job growth, and cutting funds for education good public policies? Does filibustering the Small Business Loan Proposal make sense for our economy, as well as continuing to bestow tax breaks to the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans?

If you're in favor of the above, vote Republican. If you believe government was intended to be "of, by and for the people," vote for Democrats who will fight for the people. — Michele Newby, Medford

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