Think "Obamacare" is too expensive? Think again! According to AARP, the health measure will reduce the upward spiral of medical costs and shave $143 billion from the deficit by 2019. It will extend Medicare's solvency, and tax-free employer insurance premiums will go down!

AARP attests the plan will not cut benefits to Medicare recipients — and there are no "death panels." The individual health insurance mandate is practical; it spreads risks and keeps costs down.

Most candidates who rail against "Obamacare" also have pledged to privatize Social Security, Medicare and the VA. Do we want these vital programs run by Wall Street, unregulated, less dependable and more expensive? The future of our country depends on the health and well-being of all its citizens.

Before you vote for any candidate, check out their party's platform and consider the financial interests of those who back them. — Sandra Boucher, Jacksonville

I have known John Rachor for quite some time and I am confident that John will begin the battle to make changes in Jackson County.

John has innovative ideas, the experience of being a business owner, answers to questions asked, and solutions to problems. John is a candidate that will follow through with his promises.

In a time when everyone is hurting and we all need something different, whether it be local or nationally, I am pleased to support John Rachor for county commissioner. I am confident that his skills and heartfelt concerns for residents will be immediately seen as commissioner.

Please join me and vote John Rachor for Jackson County commissioner. We need a leader who has our best interests in mind and who can truly relate to everyone in their own situations during this difficult time. — Brittany Wise, Ashland

What a welcome relief to know that John Rachor is running for Jackson County commissioner, Position 3. Here is a man that knows what it's like to meet a payroll. Here is a man that knows, if you don't have the cash, don't buy it! Here is a man that knows, the days of "guaranteed retirement," "guaranteed benefit packages" for all county, state, and federal employees are over! We simply, cannot afford it!

I am confident Rachor will find ways to turn selected county departments back to the private sector. The private sector will be efficient, competitive and complete the work for a fraction of the cost.

I feel Rachor's experience in county projects brings him a great "common sense approach" to county planning and land use.

Please vote for "common sense government." Elect John Rachor, County commissioner Position 3. — Mike Littrell, Medford

"Don Skundrick is not a politician." That's great for us! Don is a careerlong resident of the region, a retired business executive and member/leader of numerous community organizations and support groups. He is a careful and respectful listener, a consensus builder, and yet a long-range thinker and decisive implementer. He has no hidden agenda and has no special interest groups to product. His integrity and openness are exactly what we need in our county commissioners. His skills will best meet our need to improve the quantity and quality of jobs in Jackson County. He has my vote and I hope yours, too! — Brad Inman, Medford

Re: The choice between Gardiner and Landt for Ashland Parks Commission.

1. If the swing-set ain't broke, don't fix it. Gardiner is a proven and effective commissioner.

2. Mike Gardiner's resume is broad and solid: Ashland Planning Commission: six years, chairman for two; Ashland Parks Commission: eight years, chairman for four; Ashland Transportation Planning Update Committee; Ashland Parks Foundation: current president; Oak Harbor Freight Lines, terminal manager. East Main Band: keyboard, harmonica, vocals.

3. Mike Gardiner has quietly shouldered important civic work in Ashland without fanfare and controversy for over 15 years. He is steady, reliable, competent and a gentleman.

4. Landt wants to micro-manage length of grass, fertilizing and swing sets.

5. Gardiner knows how to set broad policy, plan, budget and hire capable staff.

Why swap a good horse in midstream? Vote Gardiner, Ashland Parks Commission. — Carol Jensen, Ashland

You've no doubt heard the popular definition of insanity: "Doing the same thing over and over each time expecting a different result." Kind of like voting in Oregon which has been sinking for years, at least seven, maybe more. High unemployment, consistently higher than the national average. Continuing declining test scores and graduation rates. A runaway freight train called PERS. A bloated public employee payroll earning nearly double their private sector counterparts were they lucky enough to have a job.

And who runs Salem, dragging us into this abyss? The same people who want you to prove your insanity and elect them again: Buckley, Bates and Kitzhaber for starters. Abetted by Portland lawyers, environmental extremists, a lazy, co-opted media and unlimited, unquestioned backing from the public employees unions, Oregon is in a downward death spiral.

Oregon has a chance on Nov. 2 to plug the leaky boat. Stop the insanity. — Brad Lee, Ashland

I am writing this letter in support of Rick Landt's candidacy for the Ashland Parks Commission.

I have known Rick for many years and have worked with him, both professionally and in volunteer work. I know he will bring considerable energy, idealism and commitment to this position, in addition to his previous experience of working with the Parks Commission. — David Beaudoin, Ashland

The Mail Tribune was absolutely correct in their endorsement of Mark Wisnovsky for county commissioner Position 3, but having watched the SOPTV candidates forum recently, I am equally impressed with Jeff Golden for Position 1.

It was obvious to me that Jeff understands county government and the critical role that community partnership plays during tough economic times. While his opponent has an impressive track record of community service, I am looking for a county commissioner with vision and ideas that will guide this county forward, and Jeff Golden has certainly displayed that during this campaign. I agree with Jeff's plan to lead by example at the county level, and keep more dollars circulating in our valley. I am impressed by his tenacity to research the issues and question every expenditure.

Vote for Wisnovsky and Golden for county commissioner. — Gerald Starchvick, Jacksonville

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