The article in the Oct. 17 Tribune typifies what is wrong with Dennis Richardson's plan for Oregon.

Students at Scenic Middle School and Ruch Elementary have the opportunity to learn Mandarin Chinese, but none of the elementary or middle schools in Jackson County except Phoenix and Talent offer Spanish. Why is this? Because Richardson does not honor our Hispanic population, nor support education for Oregon's children unless it fits in with his political and financial scheme — in this case, bringing Chinese industry to the Rogue Valley. Chinese industry at any cost, including competing with current Oregon businesses.

Rick Levine, former president of Rogue Community College, is the education and jobs candidate for District 4. He has demonstrated the leadership we need in Salem — leadership that will ring true to the population of the Rogue Valley, not Hong Kong, China.

Vote for Rick Levine for state representative, District 4. — Carol Jo Pettit, Talent

To all registered voters, young and old, from one of you: Please remember that bad politicians are elected by those of us who do not vote. — Barbara Fitch, Ashland

This election we have the chance to elect a quality leader as Jackson County commissioner: John Rachor.

Looking at John's life, you can see that he is very qualified to lead our county. He is a native Oregonian, has served our nation as a member of the U.S. Navy in Vietnam, is an accomplished business owner and a committed and reliable friend.

John ran a local business for over 30 years, employing hundreds of our friends and neighbors. He is a very active member of search and rescue, in which he donates his time and his helicopter, and has generously supported numerous community organizations that have helped make Jackson County a better place.

John Rachor is the candidate for county commissioner who has a plan for the future and a proven track record to get the job done.

This November, vote for John Rachor, a true friend of Jackson County. — Mark A. White, Medford

As an RCC employee, I worked with Rick Levine when he directed programs serving the business community and Southern Oregon economic development. In this capacity, he brought to the region a collaborative spirit, an openness to people and a willingness to do hard work.

Rick will be an outstanding leader in the Oregon House of Representatives on behalf of District 4, and I urge you to support him with your vote. — Larry Mullaly, Central Point

Don grew up in the Rogue Valley and has a good understanding of the needs of our area.

He has a long history of dedicated community service including being a member of the Consumer Credit Counseling Board of Directors. He is willing to listen to all sides of an issue, explore all options, and formulate practical solutions.

He cares about our area and has always been willing to put in the time it takes to see a project to its successful completion. Don has been a valuable member of the CCCS board and would be a dedicated county commissioner. — Jan Safley, executive director, Consumer Credit Counseling Service

I have known and worked with Alan Bates for more than 20 years in a number of different settings. I know him to be an incredibly hard worker. He has developed a very good grasp of the issues confronting our state.

I am particularly thinking of the fiscal, social and medical issues that we face. The budget tightening that will be necessary in the next few years will require a set of skills and experience that Dr. Bates possesses.

In these times of extreme partisanship and unrest I believe that the most important quality needed for elective office is the ability to work cooperatively to create effective legislation. Dr. Bates has been able to do that.

I urge your vote in support of Alan Bates for state senator from the 3rd District in the upcoming election. — Lee Murdoch, Medford

I am voting to re-elect Eric Navickas to the Ashland City Council.

He's doing a good job. Eric has always been very open about the principles that guide his decisions. He looks at the big picture and strives to create solutions that will benefit our whole community. He shares my values: a sustainable, welcoming town with decent jobs, respect for diversity and appreciation of where we live.

And now I have one more reason to support Eric's candidacy: He is the target of an ugly, deceptive and very well-funded campaign. This group's big, expensive ads are dishonest, and have no place in a fair campaign.

As a former staff member of the Ashland library, I know first-hand of Eric's strong support for our library. The City Council minutes show his voting record and the logic and principles reflected in his decisions.

Please join me in re-electing Eric Navickas. — Pauline Black, Ashland

As the Bush-Cheney wars of choice drag on, some of the Republican hawks are now beating the drums for an invasion of Iran. After the expenditure of thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars in Vietnam and now the Middle East, these people still don't understand the futility of trying to rule the world.

There are probably more potential terrorists in the Mideast now than before the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Our continued military presence will only create more. Please remember who got us into this mess as you cast your ballot. — Harlan Moore, Medford

Jeff Golden is a thinking man who listens.

I first met Jeff in 1981. Since then, I've had many chances to observe him carefully consider all sides of an issue and its effects before weighing in with his opinion. That's an admirable trait that provides an opportunity to get creative about a solution. He's one of the smartest people I know.

I want Jeff in office because I believe he'll help guide us toward the common goal of fixing our local economy and the health of our citizens. Jeff is a strong leader. He's extremely qualified for the job of Jackson County commissioner, Position 1, and he has my vote. I hope he has yours too. — Gayle Wilson, Ashland

Lynn Howe is one smart lady with a mind and will to help address Medford's economic issues: jobs and small business grants/loans.

Currently there is an Oregon Revenue Bond "Booster" program in place for this. Her incumbent opponent sided with his party to vote against this program, while he says he supports jobs and small business.

Also, during the last February session of the Legislature a local TV interviewer asked her incumbent opponent what he "planned to do in this short session." His answer: "I don't know why I am here!"

I would suggest you really think about this attitude residing in your current representative for the past three legislative terms. Lynn Howe will bring a fresh, new, exciting dynamic to this office. Please vote for her. — G. Woodring, Medford

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