Ten years ago, Al Densmore was president of the Rotary Club I joined after moving to Southern Oregon. He represented the ideal of what attracted me to this area. I was immediately impressed by his dedication to community projects, his charitable activities, and his long service in government.

I have observed Al in meetings and debates and he is always prepared and presents his position in a practical and reasonable manner. He is an effective member of the City Council and his professional and civic experiences are sound reasons to ensure he retains this position for our city. — Lori Williams, Medford

I support Jeff Golden for Jackson County commissioner because in his first term as commissioner Jeff reached across the aisle advocating for the county to become fully self-insured. Since that time Jackson County taxpayers have saved millions of dollars in liability insurance premiums.

Jeff will serve Jackson County in support of long-term multi-generational economic, ecological sustainability. Jeff supports local farming and local business: He knows that local money will recirculate in Jackson County bolstering our economy, and that local farms produce healthy low-miles food for us.

Jeff understands the implications of a failing economy, the unmitigated effects of climate change and our dependence on fossil fuels. He will fight for approaches to smart transit and helping local business to reduce employees' commuting miles. Jeff's vision, tenacity and orientation toward action has in the past and will in the future serve us well. I'm voting for Jeff, will you? — Jim McGinnis, Ashland

I was stunned by the lack of balance given to Jeff Golden in the Mail Tribune's editorial opinion regarding the county commissioner race. Only one paragraph was allotted to him compared with five paragraphs for Skundrick. You claimed Skundrick's experience in volunteer organizations made him the better candidate, yet you neglected to mention any of Golden's extensive volunteer and leadership service in the county. Why?

Jeff Golden has served on the boards of numerous nonprofits such as the Job Council, the Rogue Valley Council of Governments, the YMCA, CASA, the Pacific Nonprofit Network, Mediation Works and two Oregon state commissions. Year after year, he used his considerable community contacts to bring in more funding for the nonprofit I worked with him in, than any other board member.

In the same opinion you also gave Wisnovsky — five paragraphs to only one for Rachor. What happened to full and balanced reporting? — Mary Miller, Medford.

My first contact with Don Skundrick was during the early 1980s at LTM. Don's progression with LTM to become an executive with what is now Knife River was impressive. Don has donated his time through the years to schools and his children's youth activities, all the while developing his leadership style in government committees and civic clubs.

My second encounter occurred when we were presidents of different Medford Rotary clubs 1998-1999. The planning of events, from raising funds for the SOU Arts Center to scholarship funds for local high school seniors required that we communicate often. I learned to appreciate Don's work ethic, management skills, motivational talents, intelligence and sense of humor.

Don's no-nonsense, get-the-job-done on time under budget is what our county needs. Please join me in voting for Don Skundrick. — John Yaple, Medford

After careful examination of the issues, I endorse Sal Esquivel for state representative, 6th District.

Rep. Esquivel has consistently supported sound educational practices. His results-oriented perspective encourages high performance from schools, students and the community.

He has displayed his interest in local educational programs by personally visiting the campuses, finding out what happens in schools and working hard to improve them. Sal Esquivel endorses school choice, and believes that money for education needs to get to the classroom level, instead of increasing the bureaucracy.

If you value a strong education for our Rogue Valley students, vote Esquivel for state representative. — Susan Inman, D.Ed, Central Point

Here in Southern Oregon I am so appreciative of our various levels of government, from local to state to federal.

The fair relations of a decent society need intelligent representatives. Despite the highly financed, suspicious and rampant forces of "the takers," who trick us into desperately seeking any jobs while sending jobs overseas and driving wages downward, we have a good set of representatives doing the best they can in an attacked, ridiculed, and de-funded government. We don't need the same old ideas that keeps driving us to scarcity and division, we need practical visions that move us toward a positive future.

Jackson County has a golden opportunity for commissioner: Jeff Golden! He's smart, humble, caring, creative and inclusive. Tour his website (goldenforjacksoncounty.org) to see the golden opportunity we have. — Brad Carrier, Ashland

Recently moved to Oregon, able to register to vote on the Portland light rail! I value a candidate who tells me where we are now and where we need to go, known as the unpopular truth. The world as we knew it yesterday is not going to be again. We are in for tough times. It is necessary to think of our grandchildren and the legacy we leave for them. Do I leave money or do I leave them the natural world? Remember, we have one atmosphere and one global climate.

In my opinion, it is necessary to align the moral and the economic issues. I'm voting for Jeff Golden because he lives what he speaks. He has a proven record of speaking the truth, caring and working for the community, achieving results and acting as an independent leader. Jeff Golden has a practical, feasible plan. — Louise D. Shawkat, Ashland

I read your endorsement of Don Skundrick for county commissioner. Has anyone asked him about the significant conflict of interest he will have if elected?

As you mention in your endorsement, Skundrick was the vice president in charge of the Medford office of Knife River, a paving company. Knife River was the third-largest supplier to Jackson County and received more than $4 million in contracts from the county last year. The most recent information available is that he is still a consultant, and receiving a pension from them as well.

How can we taxpayers be comfortable having him reviewing and approving contracts worth millions of dollars with Knife River when he has a financial interest (not to mention an emotional one of having worked there for years)?

In the bigger picture, will he lean toward more roads rather than public transportation and other progressive ideas when considering county transportation issues? — Jeff Reade, Ashland

Bates continues to dodge the big issues. Where is he on creating jobs and controlling state spending?

I've looked at his website and his mailers, but I don't see any specifics. Is the reason he doesn't have any specific ideas because he doesn't know what to do?

Bates has been in the Legislature for 10 years, becoming part of the problem by always voting "yes" on the tax increases and spending bills. Vote for Dave Dotterrer, who has learned on-the-job knowledge of processes and procedures to allocate funds and controlling spending. — Don Paul, Ashland

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