Democrats, union members (Teamsters, teachers, SEIU, etc.), government employees/retirees (PERS recipients, railroad retirees), all who've never had to worry about job security, pay nothing — or next to nothing — toward health care, have a substantial guaranteed retirement income, come to the aid of your beloved state and national representatives.

Your vote and support is vitally important to keep and maintain the status quo. To save high unemployment, high and higher taxes and ensure "the others" pay hefty increases in their health insurance premiums (so you can pay nothing), you must protect your incumbents.

If, on the other hand, you want to rid the state and country of the crooks and fools (whose objective is to increase the debt) and start to improve the state and country, it's time to remove those currently in office and start over! Get people in there that actually care about their constituents rather than themselves. — P. Moran, Medford

As the saying goes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts.

Walter Rich said (Sept. 14) that Sen. Ron Wyden voted for the Wall Street bailouts. Not true! I repeat, not true. In fact, as a traditional Oregon maverick, he was one of the few that voted against it. I repeat, against it!

Actually, it was Jim Huffman who favored the bailout and the bonuses for the CEOs. He also wants to privatize our Social Security and send our money to Wall Street. I repeat, Wall Street. Scary!

In view of the facts and Mr. Rich's concerns, he may want to switch his support to Senator Wyden. And he may want to learn what Senator Wyden is doing about the very important issue of jobs for Oregon. — David E. Asche, Medford

I arrived in Ashland in 2007 expecting to find a beautiful, progressive, health-conscious community. In most ways, Ashland is all that and more, but we ignore the serious local issues at our peril.

Nothing is more critical than drinking water. The proposed ski area expansion could reduce Ashland's drinking water, both quantity and quality. There are even some who would privatize our drinking water.

All of us who use Lithia Park, other city parks and public areas, and school grounds and playing fields are regularly exposed to toxic pesticides.

City Council Member Eric Navickas has shown he'll defend Ashland's drinking water from short-sighted development schemes and work to make Ashland pesticide-free like many other communities. Councilman Navickas, a businessman and organic farmer, stands for green jobs, affordable housing and land-use planning that enhances our city.

I trust Eric. — Frances Dunham, Ashland

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