A full moon on Halloween happened in 1955 and 2001. Friday's Halloween is just a few days past the new moon or "dark of the moon"; ideal for the devil, ghosts and goblins. The next full moon on Halloween is 2020.

So, "trick or treaters," enjoy, but please stay safe and have a happy Halloween. I hope your Halloween is simply spook-tacular! — Rosalyn R. Rhinehart, Medford

Our family, from my father to his great-grandson, has been hunters — that is, out in the woods, beating the brush, walking miles, lucky to see anything.

Mid-day opening weekend of elk season in a field below Foothill Road, which is bordered by Delta Waters Road and Coker Butte Road, a bull elk was shot and killed. The property is plainly posted, "No Hunting — No Trespassing" and is in the county.

According to the ODFW, if the property is larger than 44 acres and the property owner has a valid hunting license and tag, it's legal to hunt. This property contains about 99 acres.

In this case, however, there are concerns regarding public safety. Foothill Road has become a traffic expressway and the field in question is surrounded by many residences and a school.

It usually requires a large caliber rifle to down an elk. Should that bullet miss its target it could easily travel a dangerously long path to who knows where.

The local Foothill Road elk herd frequents the field this time of year and, unfortunately, was passing through on Saturday. Concern for the public welfare and good sportsmanship didn't seem to be an issue for these "back-porch" shooters. — T. Caster, Medford

On behalf of the volunteers who put on this year's production of "Meet the Pioneers" in Jacksonville's historic cemetery, I would like to thank all the visitors who turned out to support this wonderful fundraiser. You made our third annual tours the biggest and most successful to date and we appreciate your attendance and enthusiasm for the event.

A special thank-you to our friends at Pioneer Village, the First Presbyterian Church of Jacksonville and Sandi and Terri at the Visitors Center. I would also like to thank Mayor Lewis, the City Council, city staff and the Cemetery Commission for their support.

Finally, thank-you to our cemetery neighbors for their understanding and patience. The funds raised will go a long way in our continued restoration work in the cemetery as well as other community projects supported by the Jacksonville Booster Club. — Dirk J. Siedlecki, chairperson, Meet the Pioneers, Jacksonville Booster Club

My friends, gas up on Nov. 3 because over the next week prices will go up. — Larry Ware, Medford

I have been impressed of late by the efforts of Pete Belcastro, who is a candidate for the 5th District House position.

As an independent voter, I am often dismayed at the lack of real choice in a campaign. I am forced to vote for same type of party candidates that create the problems in the first place. I'm tired of this!

Sadly, Peter Buckley has been a disappointment. My support for him dwindled as I have watched him merely march to his party's lockstep. I won't be fooled again.

As an Independent, Pete Belcastro makes sense to me. Here is a guy who has been part of the political discussion for many years and I find his insight refreshing.

In an election where candidates tout their ability to reach across the aisle, it's great to have an independent candidate who never put up any barriers to begin with. — John Michaels, Medford

It's past time for change. Jeff Merkley for U.S. Senate; Jim Olney for county commissioner.

The Smith twins, Gordon and C.W., are misguided and ineffectual. Gordon voted 85 percent with President Bush. Even when the Republicans controlled Congress, Gordon didn't have the clout to prevent the expiration of the county timber payments. With a Democratic Senate, why not send a strong Democrat to Washington instead of a weak Republican?

As chairman of the Board of Commissioners, C.W. voted himself a 26 percent salary increase, as he was closing libraries. When Measure 37 passed, C.W., rushing to accommodate developers, stampeded the commission to grant waivers to hundreds of landowners. However, the commission gave faulty directions to these citizens, and when Measure 49 passed, these folks lost their claims under the new law. The result is a multimillion dollar lawsuit pending against the county. The Smiths don't deserve our trust. — Thomas S. Johnston, Medford

Measure 65 attempts to cure apparent unfairness in primary elections by removing an orderly, time-tested system and replacing it with a winner-take-all, money-laden brawl.

Under Measure 65 everyone votes, every party has a candidate, but only the top two, no matter what their party affiliation, will go on the general election ballot. Libertarians, Greens, Independents may get to vote in the primary, but their candidates will never make it to the general election, and it is possible, in this blue state, that Republican candidates wouldn't either.

American elections systems are the envy of the world, but those systems are delicately balanced, and during this time of political and financial upheaval we should avoid rocking an already unstable boat. Let's not listen to the plaintive "It's not fair" whine without really thinking about how our election processes actually work. Vote "no" on 65. — Deana Chadwell, Central Point

What happened to the most ethical, honest Congress in history?

Where to start? First, the one who assured us of a new day, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who led the charge against PACs, $99,000 to her hubby!

Senator Dodd, number one recipient of Fannie and Freddie; number 2, Senator Obama; number 3, Senator Clinton.

Frank Raines, $90 billion in six years, who helped start the downhill slide banking fiasco, is now going to give us "Change we can believe in."

Let's clean house next election cycle, starting with these "ethical" leaders who caused the problems, especially Barney Frank, Dodd and Maxine Waters, to name a few. Some Republicans are also part of the greed.

Republicans including McCain warned many times about the danger of an unregulated Fannie and Freddie and the "ethical" Democrats ignored it. — Ken Millard, Medford

Knowing Margaret Bradburn has made me see she would make a good city councilwoman.

Working as a reporter, she has learned to research her facts and this shows in her newspaper work. Margaret is very knowledgeable about Shady Cove, this is apparent when she talks about city government. I have asked her questions on issues; if she does not know the answer she checks and gets back to me with the correct information. She is diligent and tenacious.

I believe Margaret would stand up for what she believes to be right. She is running to represent the citizens. This is long overdue in our elected officials.

She is independent and honest and she would vote as an individual. I will vote for Margaret because of her ethics. She is the best choice and I hope others will join me in getting Margaret elected. We need her on the City Council. — Sue Whitehead, Shady Cove

Don't be fooled by McCain's scare tactics and exaggerations:

1. "Tax and spend," and "Redistribute the wealth." Policies since 1913. But Bush — with McCain's support 95 percent of the time — distributed funds to the wealthiest. Are you better off now? No wonder McCain wants to distract us with fear and innuendo.

2. "Unsavory relations." "People in glass houses ..." (Google G. Gordon Liddy, or Joe Vogler and the Alaska Independence Party.)

3. "Inexperience." Experience doesn't necessarily equate to sound judgment. Have you ever worked with someone who has years of experience yet who resists change and is angry and defensive?

Good judgment comes from intelligence reinforced by education. Unstable economics and a volatile world require a president who relies less on military experience and more on the ability to analyze and correctly respond to crises. — Sandra Boucher, Jacksonville

I had the privilege of working with Doug McGeary over 10 years and appreciated his intelligence and capacity to resolve complex matters relating to the creation of the Greenway system.

Doug will bring a keen and fair mind to the position of Circuit Court judge. He is a bright and capable candidate with a long history of community service.

I enthusiastically encourage you to vote Doug for judge. — Karen Smith, Ashland

Many of the Tribune letters have focused on rumor, innuendo and false, emotionally driven statements in regards to the character of Senator Obama. I would like to appeal to the realm of reason.

Senator McCain and Senator Obama both love this country — both men of wisdom and honesty who possess great leadership skills. The real question is who has the vision and plan to lead us in this time of economic crisis and will lift the nation out of the current administration's quagmire of failed policies?

Senator Obama has shown a depth of knowledge of the issues facing us and a variety of solutions. I ask Independents, Republicans and Democrats to embrace a new generational sea change that crosses party lines, takes the high road and puts the principles of true democracy first. Vote for Senator Obama. — Doug Warner, Medford

Chris Corcoran has had his finger on the pulse of Medford for the past 20 years as a news journalist in Southern Oregon.

He has heard all sides of the issues. He has researched, listened and studied what the needs are for Medford and Jackson County.

Chris is a hard-working, caring individual who will put the city of Medford first. When he makes a decision, he will have done his homework, he will come prepared to council meetings and will not be swayed by special interest groups.

I served my last two years on the City Council with Mr. Statler; I strongly urge you to vote for Chris Corcoran. — Claudette Moore, former council member Ward 3, Medford

Letter writers to the editor have the same obligation as any journalist to use verifiable facts while supporting their arguments. Any editor who publishes letters has a responsibility to check the facts as they would for any other news item.

Nancy McAllister's assertion in her letter published Oct. 22 that Obama "wouldn't go visit the wounded soldiers ... chose to do a workout at the gym instead" is wrong and was reported as wrong long ago during the primary season. W. Johnson's letter published the same day mentions myriad "connections" that have already been explained by your paper as well as by the national press. His mention of Jim Jones, Castro and Hitler in the same breath constitutes hate speech more than a cogently expressed opinion.

It is irresponsible and unprofessional of you to print these opinions if they cannot be supported by more than rumor, myth or simply another opinion. — J.T.Harkness, Jacksonville

In 1980, when Jimmie Carter was running for re-election and the interest rates were 20 percent and the economy tanking, I and many other Democrats could not in good conscience vote for him. Yes, we voted for Reagan.

Now it's time for Republicans to step up to the plate and realize that they have not only elected, in 2000, but actually re-elected, in 2004, quite arguably the worst president in our entire American history. So please, Republicans, do what's right this time and realize that voting Republican again will be at least four more years of the same old disastrous Bush failings.

Vote for the other guy — he actually has the potential for greatness. — Tom Ewald, Ashland

I have been practicing law over 35 years in this state, federal courts and the United States Supreme Court.

To be a fair and effective judge at any level of the judiciary requires broad experience in the law and the appropriate temperament. Doug McGeary has both. I'm voting for Doug. — Mark W. Burkhalter, Medford

My ballot arrived in the mail on Oct. 18. By Oct. 22 I had already voted and delivered my ballot to the election office drop box. I proudly voted for Barack Obama.

I am writing this letter to the thousands of Jackson County voters who also support the Obama/Biden ticket. Vote. Vote now.

Don't wait. Don't assume that the election is assured. In fact, assume your vote is the one that will decide this election. Cast the deciding vote today.

I promise you that as soon as you vote you will feel great! You will have done your part for this historic candidacy. You will be a member of the winning team!

After you vote, call your family members, friends and neighbors and urge them to do the same. Change is coming! — Jeffrey K. McCollum, Medford

For you who have not yet made up your mind about the at-large candidates for Central Point City Council, let me offer a personal opinion.

If you want conscientious, dedicated people who always have the best interests of the residents at heart, I recommend a vote for Walter Moczygemba and Kay Harrison. I have worked with them two and three years on the council and found their decisions fair, always considering what would serve the citizens the best. — Bruce Dingler, DMD, Central Point

I am writing this letter to inform the public that there is a dirty, rotten Obama supporter that tried to keep us from exercising our First Amendment rights by stealing our McCain/Palin signs from in front of our home. They also took more McCain/Palin signs from our neighborhood the same day.

The sheriff has been informed! We have replaced the signs, but they had better not try to steal them again or I might just have to exercise my Second Amendment rights.

A load of rock salt from a 12-gauge shotgun might deter them from this action in the future.

If the person that stole our signs wants to live under socialism with an Obama/Biden administration, they should move to Venezuela or Cuba. Vote freedom first! — Gary and Tarilyn Lowe, Rogue River

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