I know Rep. Peter Buckley through my advocacy for Oregonians impacted by autism, and even though not personally affected in his family, he is an amazing champion of many complex issues ranging the lifespan from early intervention through transition and through adulthood.

Rep. Buckley has educated himself on the occurrence of autism, research on interventions, policy in other states, direct service providers, and has made alliances with DHS, ODE, DCBS, and advocacy groups to develop and move forward with collaborative solutions. Very aware of the state budget and economic condition, he is proposing solutions that leverage existing private, public and nonprofit services, existing legislative initiatives (Healthy Oregon Act) and matching federal dollars.

Rep. Buckley's work is based on talking directly with people (parents, self-advocates, school district and ESD professionals, Asante, insurance) to really understand the issues.

Please join me in re-electing Rep. Buckley to send an exceptional leader back to Salem. — Janel Salazar, Talent

Many Oregonians, myself included, are totally turned off to the chronic Gordon Smith (R) versus Jeff Merkley (D) TV rants for U.S. Senate of Oregon. Furthermore, this media blitz is morally and intellectually dishonest and offers nothing to voters.

Fortunately a third party candidate representing the Constitution Party has taken a stand against the socialist collectivist status quo and the Republicrats: Dave Brownlow.

Learn about Dave at www.davebrownlow.com. "Why Second Party" at this same site features Dave Brownlow's timely commentary titled, "Confessions of a Former Republicroid Zombie."

My own Thursday, Sept. 18 Ashland Daily Tidings letter: "Vote for a third party candidate" can be accessed and read online at www.dailytidings.com. Simply enter Archive, then Opinion/Editorial, followed by "Letters to the Editor." — James A. Farmer, Ashland

Obama promised to limit himself to public financing. Then unknown persons offered him several hundred millions of dollars to do otherwise and he took it. What other promises will he break?

He promised tax breaks to people who already pay no income taxes, meaning, at best, he wants to buy their votes. Unless he breaks that promise too.

He picked as vice president a man who has said:

1. He would never want to be vice president.

2. Barack is not qualified or experienced enough to be president.

3. Hillary would make a better vice president than himself.

4. Jobs is a 3-letter word.

What happens if you ask Obama a question that accidently elicits an honest answer? You get investigated, exposed as a flawed human, demeaned and joked about. Let's do our country a favor and not reward this behavior with your vote. — Jerry Ross, Grants Pass

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