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John McCain is the right choice. Clear differences make this apparent. Do we want two liberal Eastern lawyers in the leadership positions, or two reformers who have eschewed party lines to pursue what is right?

The scrutiny our system gives candidates seems to imply you have to be perfect to lead. Every candidate has warts, but only one has demonstrated leadership experience, ethical consistency and core values and that is John McCain.

Our enemies support Obama. Obama dishonestly colors his associations with outspoken America-haters, and he has no experience as a leader — does that tell you something? Obama, whose primary asset is that he is an articulate speaker, is just another four years of Clintonesque political winds-testing rather than implementing conservative values of thrift, honesty, ethical conduct and the protection of our country from terror. Save our country — vote McCain. — Raymond Smith, Central Point

You don't have to be a longtime resident to do what's best for our community. But it sure doesn't hurt.

C.W. Smith was born and raised here and understands our values and priorities. He has worked in public service for 30 years, and has always emerged as a leader not focused on his own advancement, but in doing what's best for his fellow citizens — all of them. He truly cares about Southern Oregon and it shows in his holding the federal government accountable with its commitments and promises with funding.

Vote for someone who knows and cares about the entire Southern Oregon community. Vote to re-elect C.W. Smith, country commissioner, position 2. — John Augustus, Gold Hill

Call Obama a terrorist. Re-publish bogus stories about ties to voter registration fraud. Heck, even go so far as Palin's pastor did and "question the salvation" of anyone daring to vote for a Democrat. (Though that last does seem a rather chicken-hearted way of telling more than half of Americans to go to hell.)

We know it's all just talk. But to run a front-page story saying that an Obama administration would have "much in common" with the current administration's style? Ouch!

In just eight years, the Republicans in the White House have hoodwinked the nation into an unjustifed invasion, killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people, beggared our treasury, and vastly enriched the president's big-business cronies, all while styling themselves God-fearing patriots.

Couldn't you just settle for calling all us non-Republicans stinking, low-down polecats instead? — Alberto Enriquez, Medford

I want to re-elect Cate Hartzell to Ashland's City Council.

No one could be more thorough in actually reading documentation and considering the fine print. I like this aspect of her work: She leaves no stone unturned.

Every council needs to have at least one "Cate-type person" to ensure that nothing is overlooked. Thank you for looking out for us, Cate! — Lysa McDowell, Ashland

I've known C.W. Smith for the best part of 30 years and I understand the passion he has for this county.

He has always been honest and truthful and willing to admit when mistakes are made. He is the center point of our county commission; now is not the time to change that.

Our county is in much better shape then some of the other counties because of his leadership.

Remember a man's character is not only based on what he does but also on his willingness to admit when he is wrong. And that is why C.W. Smith will receive my vote for position 2. — Douglas A. Jackson, Eagle Point

Before you vote for county commissioner, please remember that C.W. Smith recently voted to give himself a nice big raise at our expense.

While more and more people are broke or dang near it, Mr. Smith decided to reward himself for a job well done. And to make it worse, he gives himself a big raise when the county is falling apart.

There aren't enough deputies to keep rural residents safe, our libraries are barely open, good jobs are harder to find and lots of hard-working people might have to move somewhere else just to get by.

C.W. Smith does a good job of talking about caring for the voters, but in the end he acts like a typical politician. I say we vote for the other guy, Jim Olney, and give him a chance.

We don't have much to lose if we lose C.W. Smith. — Robert Casserly, Medford

I ran for Circuit Court judge in the May primary and was honored to receive over 8,000 votes. I encourage my supporters to cast their votes for Tim Barnack in the general election.

Tim is a fellow deputy district attorney who will hold offenders accountable and protect the rights of victims. He is a talented and respected tough-on-crime prosecutor. He is also committed to this community, volunteering his time for a number of charitable causes.

Tim Barnack is the right person for the job and I am proud to be supporting him for Circuit Court judge. — John Norton, Medford

In response to Jackson County Republican Party Chairman Bryan Platt's letter:

  • Platt states, "The individual is ultimately responsible for his actions, not the government." Unbelievable after the $750 billion bailout of big business that socialized Wall Street losses while keeping profits private.
  • Platt suggests, "Free enterprise and individual initiative bring growth", "not new taxes and subsidies." It is hardly "free enterprise" to bail out big business using borrowed billions from Communist China. Platt may not enjoy paying taxes, but his great-grandchildren will have no choice.
  • Platt states Republicans are strongest on defense. In times of war, historically, Democrats step up to the plate. World War II was managed and won by Democratic presidents.
  • Mr. Platt claims Republicans are more fiscally responsible. Under Republican watch, the national debt has doubled to $10 trillion. Cutting taxes and increasing spending is not fiscally responsible.

Want change from these falsehoods? Vote Democrat. — Martin Andries, Central Point

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