Election letters

In the Sept. 12 article on Sarah Palin, she was reported as claiming Iraq planned and carried out and rejoiced in the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Any connection between Iraq and 9/11 has been so discredited for so long that even Bush had to admit it wasn't true. Is Ms. Palin willfully lying or just woefully ignorant? — Michael Steely, Medford

Bailing out Wall Street "banking" pyramid schemes like Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae is hopeless and unconstitutional.

The leading "general welfare" clause of the U.S. Constitution demands the politicians represent the U.S. taxpayers' and citizens' interests; not the interests of hedge fund parasites and central bankers. We need to declare this system bankrupt and to write off the bad debts and protect the interests of the citizens, not the bankers.

A solution to this crisis needs to be modeled on what FDR did to save this nation at another time of crisis with his "New Deal." Don't count on Barack Obama or John McCain to help; neither has a clue at the necessary solution. Both support the insane bailouts. Only economist and statesman Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. has been right about the policies necessary to save this nation; you can find these policies at www.larouchepac.com. — John Mitchell, Medford

Slap-Down Party would be a better name for Republicans after Guliani's and Palin's Republican convention speeches where they repeatedly declared community service as some sort of an insignia of incompetence while conventioneers roared in agreement.

Their target may have been to slap down Obama's history as a community organizer, but in doing so they also slapped down volunteer firefighters, church groups, Girl Scouts, Rotary, Lions, and thousands of other organizations and individuals in the USA that dedicate their lives to making this nation better. The Republicans have already forgotten 9/11 and the thousands of community organizers and volunteers who helped New York in its darkest hour. They appear unable to understand that selfless giving to your community is the emblem of a patriot.

Patriotism is earned through hard work and selfless dedication to your community and nation. There are no shortcuts to being one of us. — Roger Brandt, Cave Junction

Warning: Don't let your fascination with the female Davy Crockett from out of Alaska influence you to put back in office the same group that have in eight years destroyed our economy, our environment, our military, our humanity and our moral standing in the world. — Norma Anderson, Medford

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