I just read an article on the Web about Obama's new ad attacking John McCain. It makes a joke out of McCain's lack of computer savvy and shows an early 1980s photo of him in an out-of-style suit and wearing giant glasses. It is interspersed with shots of a disco ball, a chunky phone, an outdated computer and a Rubik's Cube.

I think this kind of behavior is something that we usually see on MySpace or FaceBook! If Barry is trying to win over teeny-boppers with no common sense, I think he is doing a fine job. I hope all the grown-up Democrats and Republicans out there are embarrassed enough to not want the rest of reasoning adults to know they actually will vote for someone whose only accomplishment at this point is being really good at reading teleprompters! — D. Hill, Medford

Lynn Howe should stop the subterfuge. Her campaign sign is misleading as is her judgment.

Sal Esquivel is our state representative and the integrity he possesses she lacks. Character is king, not who wins elections.

To Hillary Clinton supporters: Barack Obama's words and deeds do not represent mainstream American thought. His associations and core beliefs are questionable at best and dangerous at worst.

Hillary was treated with disdain by her own party and prejudicially trivialized as a woman. The media are not the only donkeys who treated her as a jackass! Sarah Palin is reaping similar outrage from Hillary's party. Real reform and real change this time will be better managed by McCain/Palin. It's time to put America first and party second. Isn't that really the change we are all looking for? — Joel Marks, Medford

Had Sarah Palin been free to say what she probably wanted to say, she would have revealed her convictions that creationism should be taught in schools, deny that global warming is man-made, oppose stem-cell research and remove from libraries books she feels are not appropriate.

Her willingness to drill without regard for the environment is deplorable. She believes that abstinence-only is the way teenagers should deal with sex. She has not thought about Iraq. This misguided war has cost close to one half trillion dollars, ruined the U.S. economy and our standing in the free world, killed over 3,000 citizens and seriously maimed an untold number of others.

She is involved with the Alaska Independence Party, which wants Alaska to secede from the U.S. Sarah Palin is a serious threat to the way of life most cherish, and a Sarah Palin presidency is a real and frightening possibility. — Jorge Heller, Ashland

In the last few weeks we've seen lots of stuff aimed at discrediting the McCain campaign in general and Sarah Palin in particular.

Froma Harrop's Sept. 12 column may take the cake. She takes an innocuous statement by Palin — "we grow good people in our small towns" — and turns it into a full-blown rant about "us versus them" class warfare.

I realize the Democrats are running scared, and will do anything to stop the McCain/Palin ticket, but Harrop's column reaches a new low in trying to make something out of nothing. — David R. Newell, Eagle Point

I'm 81 years old and starved through the Hoover Depression, and endured the trickle-down economy that didn't trickle down and the big cheese giveaway, national debt to the moon, didn't get a raise all the time Reagan was president.

The Republicans talk about the Democrats raising taxes. How can anybody pay taxes if they don't have a job? If you want your house foreclosed on and your car or truck repossessed and your plants shut down and your bank folding, how are you going to run the country and get the national debt down? Borrow more money from China?

Vote Republican, you deserve what you get. — Wayne Hughes, White City

How exciting to finally have a woman nominated for vice president! How insulting that she, Ms. Palin, does not trust women in this country to make decisions about their own reproductive rights! She preaches abstinence-only, which is a dangerous policy as teens do not learn about STDs.

I have four daughters and nine granddaughters; I do not want them to live in a country where they are told what they can and cannot do with their bodies. I am also a retired detective sergeant.

Question for Palin and others like her: What about the 11-year-old girl who has been raped and impregnated by her stepfather or an uncle? What about the 15-year-old girl at a party who is slipped a "roofie," is raped and ends up pregnant? I guess they would be forced to give birth, right? Wrong! — Anne O'Dell, Brookings

The general election will determine the road we will travel for the next four years.

We can continue to live in the Victorian mental state of the Republicans — turning our backs on stem-cell research, ignoring soldiers with lifelong rehabilitation needs, bailing out irresponsible businesses, ignoring or banning a woman's right to choose and finding ourselves with a stacked, ultra-conservative Supreme Court.

I could suggest that this country is headed to hell in a hand-basket, but W has squandered all our hand-basket money on the Iraq war. Since they can't send us to hell, the Republicans are determined to keep us in the living hell created by W/Dick. In November, make the responsible choice of Obama/Biden. — Wayne R. Martin, Medford

The ultimate absurdity is for John McCain to claim to be the agent of change! All one needs to do is look at who is running his campaign (Karl Rove and associates), his recent swift-boat ads and his willingness to placate the far right by his choice of a running mate who is not only woefully ill-equipped, but capable of continual half-truths, whole lies and exaggerations. The only thing that he can make a legitimate claim for having changed is his level of integrity. I guess it is true that he would rather lose his integrity than lose an election.

McCain's handlers have convinced him that if you say it enough times, people believe it.

How insulting to any thinking person who recognizes that, in John McCain's words, "if you put lipstick on a barnyard animal, it is still the same animal." — BJ Reed, Medford

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